The Simple Design Principles Behind Cards

Appspace Cards Design Principles

The Appspace Cards framework contains design principles in its DNA that make cards the perfect standard for publishing updates throughout the modern workplace.

There are a few design principles we live by to make sure every card delivers a consistent experience no matter its function. From the process of creating the card all the way to the end viewer, Appspace makes it easy to reach and engage people in the workplace. Understanding these 4 key principles will help your organization utilize cards for a variety of use cases.


The Principles

  1. Easily Editable

Appspace makes it effortless to pick the type of card you need and add the relevant information and images through an easy-to-use graphical user interface. Appspace also supports popular integrations with other online platforms. This makes it a snap to connect and use external sources of data and content to showcase through cards.


  1. Template Driven

You can accomplish a number of modern workplace initiatives by utilizing card templates that are easy to edit and use straight away. From everyday announcements to arming conference rooms with real-time scheduling, Appspace has a beautifully designed template you can use right now.


  1. Responsive HTML

Appspace Cards are device agnostic. With responsive HTM, you can create a card once and publish to any device no matter if it’s displaying on a TV or tablet, landscape or portrait. Appspace Cards just work.


  1. Built-In Brand Controls

It’s easier than ever to ensure every card looks consistent, even if you have dozens of users creating cards, with built-in brand controls. Lock-in your brand’s specific colors, fonts, and logo and never think twice about mismatched card being published in the workplace.


In Summary

With this Appspace Cards framework, anyone within your organization can be empowered to create messages to engage your workforce. See how you can easily keep relevant, important company initiatives top of mind by browsing our library of card templates.

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