Appspace Cards 101

Appspace Video Wall
Understanding what Appspace Cards are and how they work is the first step in learning how to leverage the Appspace platform across the entire modern workplace.

Appspace Cards power the entire software platform to deliver modern workplace experiences such as room scheduling, digital signage, video walls, kiosks, and much more. These experiences come together to enhance employee engagement and increase collaboration across teams. Here’s everything you need to know about getting started with cards.


What are Appspace Cards?

Cards are a simple and fast way to create great looking content to share on TVs, computers, mobile devices, and other displays around the workplace. A card is very similar to a slide in a presentation. You can add text, images, video, external data sources, and various kinds of content for viewers to see.

Behind the scenes, Appspace Cards are simple HTML packets. But anyone can easily create and publish a card without any prior skill by utilizing Appspace Card templates and editing them with the easy-to-use graphical user interface.


What Should I Put on a Card?

Cards make it simple to communicate with everyone in the office at once and the possibilities of what you can share are almost endless. A great place to start when you think about the type of Cards you want to create is your own job role. Do you have information about your job that could benefit others by it being easily shared and accessible?

Maybe you’re in charge of sales and you want to be able to update the team about progress made against your goal. Maybe you’re in HR and you want to announce the arrival of a new team member. Maybe you’re even the CEO and you want to keep everyone marching in the same direction with updates on company directives. No matter your role within a company, you have worthwhile information worth sharing.


How do Cards Work?

Sharing information with the Appspace platform is a simple 3-step process.

  1. Author with Cards – Creating content is easy with built-in HTML card templates – it’s just like editing a slide.
  2. Publish Cards into Channels – Cards are grouped into channels and published with scheduling and playback rules.
  3. View Cards in the App – Channels are viewed in the Appspace App on screens in the workplace, phones, and computers.


How do I get Started?

You can start using Appspace for free by signing up for an account today! Browse the card templates by role and easily import them into your Appspace account to edit and publish them.

Ready To Get Started?

Find the perfect pre-themed cards for your workplace.