An easier, faster, and more intuitive experience

Appspace 7 offers a single workflow that enables you to publish information to your team with ease. 


Publish efficiently with optimized tools

Appspace now streamlines the workflow for fast creation of playlist, live stream, and advanced channels as well as making it easier to publish them to your team and deployed devices.


Manage daily operations with ease

A significant interface redesign puts every day tools in easy reach.

Create new channels, invite a new users, and deploy new devices with just a few clicks from anywhere in the platform.

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Get instant help

Integrated help means product guidance is immediately on-hand throughout every process, so you're never left wondering what to do. 

Direct links to step-by-step guides on our Knowledge Center save you time and make using the platform a breeze.


Out-perform the rest

Building on our long history of cloud-first architecture, we are introducing new dedicated computing services to handle the most common tasks which makes Appspace faster and more secure. 


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