Four Key Features Of Every Appspace Card

Appspace Cards Design Principles

Built-in to every Appspace Card is a framework that makes them the perfect standard for publishing updates throughout the modern workplace.

There is a reason that cards are the most popular content type in Appspace. At the roots of every card are a set of features  that make sure every card delivers a consistent experience no matter its function. Understanding these key features will help your organization utilize cards for a variety of use cases.


1. Template Driven

As a business user, you don’t need to be publishing update from ground zero every time. Card templates give your updates the structure to your information and make it easy to edit. You can accomplish tons of workplace initiatives, from everyday announcements to enabling conference rooms with real-time scheduling.


2. Easily Editable

It’s unlikely that your sole job is just publishing updates every day, so your time for sharing news and reports may be limited. Cards get you 80% (or more) of the way there and you simply add the text, data, or images and publish. Appspace also supports popular integrations with social networks, RSS, and many other platforms. This makes it a snap to connect to external sources of data and content to showcase them without having to do any manual entry.


3. Built-In Brand Controls

Brand is important. It tells people who you are as a company. Part of any organizations brand is the look and feel of their messaging. Cards let brand owners set standards for colors, font families, font sizes, layout, animations, and much more. These controls ensure every author’s cards are consistent, quicker to publish, and add to the overall brand appeal.


4. Responsive HTML

Appspace Cards are designed to be device agnostic. Like a website, cards adjust the placement of text, images, and other components for the best possible experience. With responsive HTML, you can create a card once and publish to any device (TV, tablet, desktop – in portrait or landscape and in any aspect ratio) with the confidence it will format perfectly.


In Summary

With Appspace Cards, everyone in your organization is empowered to create perfectly formatted, on-brand updates for their colleagues. See how you can easily keep relevant, important company initiatives top of mind by browsing our card library.

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