What Are Appspace Cards & Why They Are Important

Appspace Video Wall

Appspace Cards are a simple and fast way to publish company updates, while simultaneously dealing with branding, device compatibility, and much more.

Starting a new workplace initiative always raises questions about the toolset for deploying and operating, compatibility, compliance, and many other topics. Thankfully, when it comes to Appspace, delivering modern workplace experiences such as digital signage, video walls, room scheduling, kiosks, and much more in exactly the same way – Appspace Cards.

What are Appspace Cards?

To most organizations a card is very similar to a slide in a presentation. It is a template you can add text, images, video, external data sources, and various kinds of content for their team to view. Cards offer simple editing, fast publishing, and a perfectly formatted, on-brand output that solves the business challenges of implementing an easy-to-use, brand compliant, universally compatible, and scalable solution.  

How do Cards Work?

Sharing information with the Appspace platform is a simple 3-step process.

Authoring – Choose from pre-built cards that showcase the latest announcements, reports, feeds, and services. Enter your text, data, and other information before publishing. Cards are pre-configured by brand owners to adhere to company standards. 

Publish Cards into Channels – Cards are grouped into channels and published with scheduling and playback rules ensuring they are shown at the right place, at the right time. 

View Cards in the App – Channels are viewed in the Appspace App on screens in the workplace or on personal devices such as smartphones and computers.

What Should I Put on a Card?

This depends on what your are responsible for communicating. Often departmental responsibilities determine what you share with the rest of the company. Maybe you’re in charge of sales and you need to share reports of monthly or quarterly progress made against your goal. Maybe you’re in HR and you want to announce the arrival of a new team member. You could be the CEO and you want to keep everyone focused on a really important company directive. All of these are possible and there is a card to help you do it. 

How do I get Started?

You can start using Appspace for free by signing up for an account today! Browse our gallery, import pre-built cards into your Appspace account, and edit them ready for publishing.

Ready To Get Started?

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