Platform standards for simplicity, security, and scale

The Appspace platform is designed and optimized to offer secure and efficient management at scale for brand communications and IT. 


Grow with hassle-free confidence  

Built for the cloud, you can rely on the Appspace platform to be fast, secure, and to grow with you. 

With over 15 years of software optimizations, combined with industry-leading infrastructure, provides optimal performance with redundancy and failover options around the world.


Trust Appspace to keep you secure

Our policies and procedures ensure the maximum level of security for data storage and transfer, system and facilities access, infrastructure compliance, backups and failover, and privacy. 


Centrally managed and controlled

Granular control of policies and permissions for devices, users, and user groups makes Appspace system administration effortless.

Use baked-in features or integrate with third-party hardware, identity, and analytics solutions for easy provisioning, governance, and reporting.


Count on us to be there

Things don't always go to plan, but our team of customer-focused experts provides you with regional contacts and access to global network of knowledge.

Online ticketing, helplines, and dedicated Customer Success Managers are just some of the ways we keep you communicating with your team.

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Flexible deployment to align with your policies

With a flexible architecture, Appspace enables you to deploy in the cloud, on-premises, or using a hybrid model. 

And with flexible configuration settings, deployments are tailored to meet your use-cases and manage IT complexity.


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