Create a personalized hub that informs and engages employees

Our modern intranet (powered by Beezy) gives employees a home page that’s tailored to them, in a single hub that unites documents and resources and makes it easy to engage with team members. From relevant company updates to daily task reminders – it’s all there, providing an experience that’s completely personalized to each user.
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Imagine one single platform to manage all your workplace communications – reaching remote, hybrid, in-office, and deskless employees – creating an experience people love. If you’re currently looking at modernizing your intranet, here’s a(nother) reason to choose Appspace: You’ll get our digital signage solution for free. Ask a sales rep for more information.
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Target your communications and give everyone a voice

Get the right message to the right people, and jumpstart meaningful conversations in your digital workplace.

Get more done in less time

Automate routine tasks and speed up approvals and processes (like holiday requests) – without having to jump from app to app and screen to screen.

Align your on-site, remote, and frontline teams

Create collaborative communities that make it simple for global and local teams to connect and work together, no matter where they are or how they work.

Unlock knowledge-sharing

No more spinning your wheels tracking down information that should be at your fingertips. Find documents, share information, and tap into your organization’s collective brain power.
Appspace is truly a singular solution in terms of its ability to serve as an effective intranet, internal communications portal, and collaboration and knowledge management platform.
Dawn Hancock
Vice President, Communications & Knowledge

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