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Sony + Appspace Team Up to Simplify Communications & Workplace Management

Appspace is now a designated charter member of Sony Electronics’ Professional AV Alliance Partner Network. Sony devices now support Appspace following certification.

DALLAS, TX – June  29, 2022 Appspace, the first unified workplace experience platform, is pleased to announce that it has become a designated charter member of Sony Electronics’ Professional AV Alliance Partner Network.  Furthermore, a range of Sony’s devices are now Appspace-certified following Sony’s completion of the Appspace certification process. Together, these joint initiatives from Sony and Appspace greatly simplify the workplace experience for organizations everywhere.

Sony and Appspace: Unifying Communication and Workplace Management

Organizations today are riddled with multiple point products and devices, spread across the enterprise in an attempt to handle communications and workplace management. Due to lack of seamless integration and overall complexity, this approach is costly and is difficult to manage and scale. Sony and Appspace have simplified this with an easy-to-use workplace experience platform and unified approach to device selection and management — enabling organizations to replace siloed and legacy products with a much more simpler and effective solution.

Appspace a Designated Charter Member of Sony Electronics’ Professional AV Alliance Partner Network

In support of this initiative, Appspace has aligned with Sony Electronics as a flagship member of their AV Alliance Partner Network.  Sony’s AV Alliance Partner Network is powered by strategic alliances across the industry, offering compatible software and hardware solutions that bring additional value, creative freedom and enhanced compatibility to their lineup of professional displays.  

“Sony is excited to announce Appspace as a charter member of our new Alliance Partner program,” said Rich Ventura, Vice President of B2B, Sony Electronics’ Imaging Products and Solutions Professional Division, North America.  “By combining their market leading Workspace Management software with the power and flexibility of our Android based BRAVIA professional displays, we can reliably deliver critical communications to staff and visitors while minimizing complexity and ensuring the best possible image quality – all contained on a single device.”

“Together, Sony and Appspace provide organizations with a compelling solution to power today’s modern workplace experience with greater ease and overall simplicity,” said Paul Alley, Director, Technology Partnerships & Alliances, Appspace. “From comprehensive workplace management solutions such as space reservation, and visitor management to enhanced workplace communications through digital signage, IPTV, and more, organizations can confidently move forward with their workplace modernization initiatives powered by Appspace and Sony.”

With a focus on interactivity, certification and compatibility, Sony’s AV Alliance Partner Network supports businesses across the AV spectrum, integrating with software solutions and hardware that address digital signage, IPTV, device management, computer vision and AI, AV control systems and unified communications.  For more information on Sony’s program and to see a full list of supported, compatible and Alliance Partners, please visit

Appspace also makes it simple for device manufacturers to start their certification journey fast. 

The Appspace certification process provides customers with their choice of preferred devices and customers gain peace of mind knowing that their chosen devices meet their expectations of performance and support. Sony devices that are Appspace certified can be found here:


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Sony and Appspace have greatly lowered the barriers for organizations who want to simplify communications and workplace management. To get started, sign up for a free account and download the Appspace app from the Google Play Store directly from your Sony device. 

About Sony Electronics Inc. 

Sony Electronics is a subsidiary of Sony Corporation of America and an affiliate of Sony Group Corporation, one of the most comprehensive entertainment companies in the world, with a portfolio that encompasses electronics, music, motion pictures, mobile, gaming, robotics and financial services. Headquartered in San Diego, California, Sony Electronics is a leader in electronics for the consumer and professional markets. Operations include research and development, engineering, sales, marketing, distribution and customer service. Sony Electronics creates products that innovate and inspire generations, such as the award-winning Alpha Interchangeable Lens Cameras and revolutionary high-resolution audio products. Sony is also a leading manufacturer of end-to-end solutions from 4K professional broadcast and A/V equipment to industry leading 4K and 8K Ultra HD TVs. Visit for more information.

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Appspace is the workplace experience platform for communications and workplace management. It’s the first to combine a modern intranet (powered by Beezy), space reservation, digital signage, and more – all in a single, easy-to-use platform. Now organizations can replace siloed products that are costly to integrate and unite their physical and digital workplace. More than 150 Fortune 500 companies, and 10 million on-site, remote, and frontline employees, are using Appspace to make work a more connected and engaging experience. 

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