Since our last on-prem release (6.24) there has been a lot of innovation in the Appspace platform. Understanding why upgrading your on-prem environment to Appspace 7 is essential can be a challenge. Instead, we’ve broken down the key areas to make it easy for you. Here’s our list of 5 Big Reasons to Upgrade Your On-Prem Deployment.

1. Significant UI Redesign

The entire Appspace platform has a design upgrade. A left-hand navigation bar provides one-click access to crucial platform areas. While Quick Action in the header bar provides direct access to everyday tasks like creating a card, registering a device, and invite users. To learn more, click here.


appspace 7 dashboard

2. Publish to Cisco Collaboration Endpoints

The first of several integrations with the Cisco Collaboration portfolio is enabling an Appspace playlist channel to be displayed as the wallpaper on several of the Cisco MX, SX, and Room Kit series of devices. Also, we take the same functionality to desktop collaboration with the Cisco DX80 device.  To learn more, click here.

3. The Appspace Progressive Web App 

Web technologies are always advancing, and with the end of Flash as a source of rich content playback, the Appspace platform has introduced a Progressive Web App (or PWA) for its preview and advanced channel editing functionality. No more annoying permission pop-ups and a real view of playback performance in the Appspace App, device dependent, of course. To learn more, click here.


pwa appspace app

4. New channel management

Simplified channel types to three: playlist, live, and advanced. Enhanced roles distinguish editors and publishers for more granular content approval workflows. The channel management UI and experience has been significantly improved to make finding, editing, and assigning channels faster and easier. To learn more, click here.


appspace 7 channels

5. Expanded Device Management Options

A unified device registration workflow makes it simple for administrators to register devices from anywhere in the platform. More importantly, is the introduction of advanced registration options. Now, one-by-one and bulk pre-registration is possible using serial numbers – perfect for “setting up” new devices that are in transit to a central or multiple locations. Also, with the addition of new device types such as Cisco Collaboration Endpoints and business apps, Appspace introduces new registration methods, such as macros and bots. Existing advanced options such as Chrome Device Management, BrightSign, and Network policy packages are all now centralized. To learn more, click here.


device management overview appspace

But wait, there’s more.

Add into this automatic content clean-up rules for the library, ability to pick a home network (for those accounts using sub-networks), and an improved search feature, Appspace 7.0 is an upgrade your on-prem environment is worthy of. To get support from our Customer Success team for updating your on-prem environment, reach out to your Customer Success Manager or contact us here

Appspace 7 on-prem is available from March 29th, 2019.

To view the complete Appspace 7 release notes, click here.

To download the Appspace 7 on-prem cheat sheet, click here.