• Content Management
    for the App Economy

    Our platform allows you to aggregate multiple sources of information into packages we call “apps”, which are then distributed directly or via distribution networks to an array of endpoints.

  • Variety of Information Types Supported

    Your apps can be a complex combination of text, photos, live graphs, information from public or private web sites, and recorded or live video. Using our APIs, you can also integrate the platform with your own business applications.

  • Broadly Customizable

    The combination of our APIs, extension framework, workflow tools, and layout tools allows you to build highly customized apps, including custom workflows to support content updates and approvals.

  • Built for the Enterprise

    Appspace is deployed by 7 of the 10 largest companies in the world, so we have met very stringent IT requirements. We meet those requirements with both cloud-based and on-premise deployment options.

Pervasive Business Communications

Content Management

Get your message out, quickly and easily.

You don’t have to reinvent the wheel every time. Create a compelling app just once and then publish it to any device. By integrating your existing information with new data from any source, you can boost the quality and timeliness of your communications. We make it painless to reach a wider audience in real-time with focused messages that meet corporate guidelines.
Corporate IT

Seamless compliance with your IT and security policy.

Our open platform works with your existing network infrastructure and scales with your organization’s growing needs. It also has integrated workflows for troubleshooting and device management. So while other groups are creating and communicating the brand, you maintain control over your digital media infrastructure with a cost-effective and secure solution.

Deliver next generation apps to your customers.

With our open and flexible API, you have the power of end-to-end customization whether serving a market niche or pioneering the next killer app. Leverage core capabilities or use the extensions framework to build new widgets, custom interfaces, solution-specific workflows, and more. With support for HTML5 content, you never have to trade off performance for functionality.

Customer Success Story: AIB, The Lab

After collaborating with Appspace, Allied Irish Banks launched The Lab—an interactive learning center where customers can experiment with new technologies for mobile banking, self-service, and more. Take a look at the results of this cutting edge concept.

Download the case study

Integrated toolset for the three phases of an app’s lifecycle


Building an app is two primary steps.

Gathering content and creating views of that content. Our content management system allows you to upload and manage information of multiple types from multiple sources then create a combination of layouts and transitions between layouts. We then package it up as an app.

Distribution begins by mapping apps to individual devices or entire networks of devices.

Appspace then distributes your apps according to your schedule or workflow logic to the proper devices. By default we use a direct pull-based approach to simplify distribution, but we can also use caching networks to minimize server and network loads.

Appspace has device-specific clients for a number of devices.

These clients deal with presentation complexities as well as providing user interaction and device management functions. So, once your app has been distributed, this local client takes over and presents your app as scheduled, pulling information as needed, interacting with your end users and providing centralized device management support.

About Us

For over 10 years, Appspace has delivered industry leading apps to some most of the world’s largest enterprises in finance, corporate, healthcare, education and retail.

Our expertise and knowledge stems from a global team of enthusiasts who’s commitment to understanding customer needs and delivering quality products and services are the foundation for exceeding customer expectations.