• Appspace

    Take business intelligence and personalization
    to the next level with the Appspace
    information management platform

  • Business Apps Made Simple

    From a single dashboard you can manage
    your data, customize your content, build
    beautiful apps, and schedule their delivery

  • Digital Signage, Desktop, Mobile

    Maximize engagement points with customers
    and employees—deliver the right message at the
    right time across multiple connected devices

  • Built for the Enterprise

    Keep it relevant and stay on brand—intuitive
    tools, built-in templates, and customizable
    workflows give you flexibility and control

Appspace™ Across the Enterprise

Marketing and HR
Unleash your creativity, not your control.
With centralized information management, contributors can generate rich content, tailor the message to target audiences, and refresh it while you ensure brand compliance. Start from a blank canvas or use one of our professional templates. A built-in library of reusable widgets makes it easy to create captivating content. And our customizable workflows make signoff a snap.
Line of Business
Get your message out, quickly and easily.
You don’t have to reinvent the wheel every time. Create a compelling app just once and then publish it to any device. By integrating your existing information with new data from any source, you can boost the quality and timeliness of your communications. We make it painless to reach a wider audience in real-time with focused messages that meet corporate guidelines.
Corporate IT
Ensure compliance with IT and security policy.
Our open platform works with your existing network infrastructure and scales with your organization’s growing needs. It also has integrated workflows for troubleshooting and device management. So while other groups are creating and communicating the brand, you maintain control over your digital media infrastructure with a cost-effective and secure solution.
Deliver the apps your users are asking for.
With our open and flexible API, you have the power of end-to-end customization whether serving a market niche or pioneering the next killer app. Leverage core capabilities or use the extensions framework to build new widgets, custom interfaces, solution-specific workflows, and more. With support for HTML5 content, you never have to trade off performance for functionality.

A New Digital Banking Experience

After collaborating with Appspace, Allied Irish Banks launched The Lab—an interactive learning center where customers can experiment with new technologies for mobile banking, self-service, and more. Take a virtual tour.

Download the case study

A Single Platform That Lets You Do It All


Our user-friendly app development environment makes it easy to build compelling business apps. With pre-designed templates and built-in widgets, you can get your message out quickly and branded your way. Intuitive tools, flexible data integration, open APIs, and end-to-end customization capabilities help you create the most dynamic, context-specific, and personalized content.


You decide when it’s time for the world to see your apps. Publish updates automatically or review the changes manually. Our built-in workflows are customizable, so you determine the process that is right for your company. Synchronize your content across desktops, digital signs, interactive displays, and mobile devices to ensure your message is consistent and reaches all of your audiences, wherever they may be.


Keep track of how users engage with the touchscreen content, so you can improve the experience. Our built-in analysis and reporting tools allow you to review usability, impressions, interactive access, and more. Monitor all of your apps and devices through a single online dashboard, complete with live alerts and email notifications. Integrated troubleshooting tools help you quickly resolve potential issues.

Our Partners

We take the value of collaboration to heart—working hard to build and maintain strong relationships with the companies who comprise the digital communications ecosystem. It’s a team effort, and Appspace strives to make it a successful venture for everyone.

Appspace partners with the world's leading system integrators and service providers, combining their products and service expertise with ours to create innovative solutions for businesses of all sizes. Our Partners can help you find the right solution for your business. Select from one of our Platinum partners to learn more.

If you are interested in becoming an Appspace partner, please create your free Appspace account to learn more about our partner program.

  • AT&T

    With the growth of video, personalization, social networks, eCommerce, eLearning, and mobile users, demand for delivering static and dynamic content has significantly increased. AT&T enables enterprises to effectively manage, package, and distribute their video, rich multimedia, web content, and apps across a wide range of networks to the computer, the television, and mobile computing devices. Our content delivery solutions include broadcast video, content distribution, digital signage, and video management.


  • BT Business

    Part of the BT Group, BT Business is a Centre of Excellence for networked IT with access to leading technologies from the likes of Cisco, EMC, NetApp, VMware, and Fortinet. Our in-house services, engineering, project management, and sales resources work directly with you, and we pride ourselves on our agility, expertise, and attention to detail. We realize that it’s about more than addressing business issues–to make technology work for people, you have to address the human challenges too.


  • CAE Technology Services ltd

    CAE is one of the UK's leading technology service companies. We work closely together with our partners and our clients to deliver trusted solutions. Our solutions experts have impeccable credentials and always strive to achieve and maintain the highest accreditations with technology partners. By working closely together with customers and partners, CAE delivers outstanding technology services in a changing world, inspiring trust and confidence in our people and in our expertise.


  • CompuNet

    CompuNet is a highly experienced information technology system integrator, delivering solutions tailored to meet our customers’ unique business needs. We have a deep understanding of designing, installing, and managing complex audio, video, collaboration, and communications solutions with wide-ranging technology integration capabilities, construction experience, and engineering resources to support projects of any scale.


  • Computacenter

    Computacenter is Europe's leading independent provider of IT infrastructure services. We advise customers on their IT strategy, implement the most appropriate technology from a wide range of leading vendors, and manage their technology infrastructures on their behalf. We deliver on-site services in nearly 60 countries and supply IT hardware and software to customers in more than 100 countries. At every stage we make our customers' businesses sharper by removing cost, complexity, and barriers to change across their IT infrastructures. Our corporate and government clients are served by offices across the UK, Germany, France, the Benelux region, and Switzerland. Our Group Service Desk has operations in the UK, Germany, Spain, South Africa, and Malaysia.


  • CPS

    CPS is a Latin-American company that specializes in providing integrated managed services and IT solutions. We have 18+ years of experience supporting the business performance of our customers in partnership with leading manufacturers in the industry. Our solutions include physical infrastructure, data center and virtualization, communications and collaboration, data networks, digital signage, vertical apps, software consulting, licensing, software development, and managed services. The company is headquartered in the United States (Miami, Florida) with sales offices in Colombia, Mexico, and Venezuela.


  • ePlus

    ePlus inc. is a leading integrator of technology solutions that enable organizations to optimize their IT infrastructure and supply chain processes. We deliver world-class IT products from top manufacturers, managed and professional services, flexible lease financing, proprietary software, and patented business methods and systems. With focus areas in data center/cloud computing, collaboration, IT infrastructure, services, and security, ePlus can develop and deliver innovative, scalable, and financially sound solutions.


  • HB Communications

    HB Communications provides custom solutions for audio/visual, video, and professional audio needs. We use the latest AV and IT products and services that feature custom designs and seamless integration, giving your business the competitive edge. We help bring the future into focus with our ongoing commitment to presenting new ideas, products, and solutions. With our headquarters in North Haven, Connecticut and regional offices in Massachusetts and Vermont, we have the capacity to serve the Northeastern region of the United Sates and beyond.


  • MCPc

    MCPc is a $260M company with 430 employees. Headquartered in Cleveland, Ohio with 20+ locations across the United States, MCPc offers solutions across the full spectrum of IT from client to data center and everything in between. Our digital signage projects include major airports, theaters, and Fortune 100 companies. We create original digital content and manage digital signs for customers, including static signs, animated videos, talking heads, interviews, and more. We can shoot and edit all of these videos in our professional grade studio as part of our branded "MCPcTV" offering.


  • MSN

    A leading provider of technology services, MSN Communications uses a consultative approach to solve our customers’ unique business challenges. Our services empower you to communicate more effectively using collaborative voice, video, and web technologies. Our data center solutions provide the security, virtualization, scalability, and back up your IT infrastructure requires, while our experts ensure you have the optimal network architecture. As a trusted partner, we leverage our expertise to enable long-term customer success.


  • Nexus

    Nexus provides expertise in end-to-end technology solutions based on six distinct yet complementary practices: collaboration, data center, cloud, borderless networks, business video, and managed services. We partner with industry leaders including Cisco, EMC, NetApp, VMware, Microsoft, and NEC to ensure our customers are provided with the most comprehensive and competitive solutions. Nexus has highly specialized vertical market practices for education, retail, hospitality, and healthcare, for which we have developed proprietary apps that turn unified communication into clinical workflow solutions.


  • Quest

    Quest is a worldwide leader in technology management offering a portfolio of professional, cloud, and managed services. Either onsite or from one of our 22 secure global service delivery centers, Quest offers security, disaster recovery, business continuity, data backup and replication, desktops as a service, virtualization, system performance, app development, wireless, hosted HD video conferencing, telecommunications and transport, VoIP, consulting, and technical staffing services. Questflex, our unique and flexible service-level agreement, allows companies to “Invest in the Capability, Not in the Product” by providing specific industry-leading technology capabilities that are customizable to their requirements.


  • World Wide Technology

    World Wide Technology (WWT) is an award-winning systems integrator and supply chain solutions provider that brings an innovative and proven approach to how organizations evaluate, architect, and implement technology. Much more than a simple reseller, WWT provides complete end-to-end IT solutions to address today’s toughest challenges. Since 1990, WWT has developed powerful strategic partnerships with industry-leading OEMs and suppliers to ensure that their clients have immediate access to the most current technologies at the very best prices.


About Appspace

Appspace helps companies around the world transform the way they engage with customers and employees. Our information management platform makes it easy to develop business apps that operate across smartphones, tablets, kiosks, video walls, wayfinders, desktops, and digital signs. Using a single solution, you can create dynamic and personalized apps, communicate the most relevant information in real-time, and captivate end-users with a richer media experience. Our top-notch team of sales, engineering, marketing, and services experts are committed to your long-term success with digital media solutions.