Provide frontline workers with an app built just for them

Frontline workers make up 80% of the global workforce*, give them a simple app that helps overcome communication gaps and regional nuances with localized channels, settings, and preferences.

*Source: Microsoft


Give workers a single destination for the information they need

Rally your frontline workers around common company goals with clear and timely communication to reduce time loss and confusion in return for a higher team output, greater employee satisfaction, and an incident-free workplace.


Broadcast critical information across your frontline sites

Share the latest announcements and workplace guidance on digital signage on factory floors, in warehouses, cafeterias, and other staff-only areas.


Deliver on-demand services across your frontline sites

Keep employees safe and productive with self-service training terminals, directories, and wayfinding.


Award-winning industry content that tackles critical issues

Our team of content experts tracks the compliance needs of a dozen industries to design and curate content that tackles hot topics in safety, performance, and culture.


Measure and analyze engagement

Keep track of how published information is performing and identify successful communications across regions, technologies, and types of workers. Use the insights to adapt your communications strategy. 

Improving the Deskless Worker Experience

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