Improve your frontline worker employee experience

Frontline workers make up 80% of the global workforce,* yet they’re often disengaged and disconnected. Empower your deskless employees with communications and workplace management solutions – from an employee mobile app to space reservation tools – and support a more inclusive and incident-free workplace.

*Source: Microsoft

frontline worker communications
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Keep your frontline teams connected

Rally your frontline workers around company goals and connect them to the latest company news and updates. Plus, they can book workspaces and building access, and stay informed and organized, from wherever they are.

Create a hub for information and engagement

Make it easy for frontline workers to find relevant information, like policies and documents, and provide a way to connect and collaborate with coworkers. Our modern intranet plugs into the Employee App, Digital Signage, and content features. So you can share information across multiple channels.
Workplace Newsfeed
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Share critical information with frontline staff

Broadcast the latest company announcements, workplace guidance, and health and safety standards. Get the message out on your factory floors, warehouses, and other staff-only areas.

Deliver on-demand services across your frontline sites

Frontline staff often don’t have a company email or device. Keep them safe, connected, and productive with self-service training terminals, directories, and wayfinding.
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Ready-made content for frontline communications

Our team of content experts tracks the compliance needs of a dozen industries to design and curate content that tackles hot topics in workplace safety, performance, and corporate culture.
frontline worker analytics

Measure and analyze engagement

Keep track of how published information is performing and identify successful communications across regions, technologies, and types of workers. Use the insights to adapt your communications strategy. 

Improving the Deskless Worker Experience

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