Creating a workplace experience people love

Creating a workplace
experience people love

Everyone should love where they work. That’s why Appspace helps organizations create a better working experience for every workplace and every employee. Because when people love where they work, they can accomplish incredible things.
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What it’s like to work
at Appspace

What it’s like
to work at Appspace

We’re a global team of driven, collaborative innovators, and we’re focused on helping people everywhere love where they work with a software platform that connects workforces, manages workspaces, and modernizes the workplace. We value hard work, we prize flexibility, and we’re passionate about technology and communication—and, OK, sharing pictures of our pets, too.


A place for you

Different perspectives make us stronger, so diversity and inclusion are built into everything we do. We give all our team members the support and opportunities to reach their goals, and we give back to our communities through volunteering and sponsorship. At Appspace, there’s a place for you and the impact you want to make on the world.


Company Core Values

No matter where we work – office, remote, or travelling – we adhere to the following cultural tenets:

Service Excellence in how we treat each other and external customers and partners

Principled we are ethical, act with integrity, and do the right thing

Adaptable we’re flexible and remain resilient in the presence of change

Camaraderie we check egos and like to have fun, inside and outside the office

Empowerment we trust our employees and encourage leadership at all levels

Hear From Our Team

Working at Appspace lets me grow my technical and professional skill set. Most importantly, the organization drives everyone to simplify complex and challenging problems for the benefit of our customers. It has been a rewarding experience, and I am looking forward to continuing to contribute to the growth of the organization.
Appspace Employee - Syed
Syed Muhammed
Senior Software Development Manager (KL Tech)
At Appspace, I get to thrive on opportunity. There is a fantastic level of engagement, and you always get the chance to be a part of the growth of the company.
Mubashshir Akhtar
Customer Success Manager (UK Customer Success)
What I like about working in Appspace is that there is never a dull moment. I have the honor of working with people that I can learn from, who will continuously push me to take up new challenges. Aside from that, the company prioritizes providing me with an enjoyable work environment and rewards the team with fun activities. As the saying goes, work hard, play hard!
Appspace Employee - Nurul
Nurul Armanina
QA Lead
Appspace is not just a place where I come to work- it's where I am able to thrive and be my best. The culture at Appspace pushes me to prioritize having a work-life balance, so that I am able to be my best as a team member, as well as my best outside of work. I look forward to working everyday, knowing that I am trusted to do my job and encouraged to take time to strengthen my own skills in the process.
Christina Testimonial Pic
Cristine Landau
Learning & Organizational Development Specialist (US People & Culture)
At Appspace, I get to use my various skills and abilities and feel truly appreciated for it. The company provides a flexible environment that balances my work and home life, and gives you all of the tools that you need to fulfill your responsibilities. It has been so exciting to be a part of this growing successful company!
Beth Cummins Appspace testimonial picture
Beth Cummins
Accounts Payable Specialist ( US Finance)
Appspace is a highly innovative company focusing on delivering excellent user experience using the latest technologies. It is a great place to learn new skills and techniques.
Appspace Employee - William
William Law
Principal Software Architect
Since Starting to work at Appspace in 2014 ive seen the company change and evolve into its current state. But a few things that have always stayed the same: The culture, the flexibility and the genuine care of each other within the business. I'm happy to say that on a Monday morning I enjoy going to work. Appspace is a family and no matter how the company has changed there has always consistently been that feeling.
Simon Testimonial Pic
Simon Drew
Customer Care Manager (UK Customer Care)
I have always imagined being a part of something bigger than myself and working alongside people that are truly supportive and genuine. At Appspace I get a chance to make a difference by being a part of the diversity and inclusion team, doing my day-to-day job driving revenue, or simply growing so that I can continuously add more value to the team. Appspace is truly an experience!
Brittney Testimonial Pic
Brittney Hendricks
BDR (US Sales)
At Appspace, I found my place to face unique professional challenges while working within a highly creative, collaborative, and passionate team.
Iban Testimonial Pic
Iban Beldarrain
Director of Product Design (Spain Product)
Appspace isn’t just where I work, it’s where I build a career. The company culture is fantastic: I’m able to pursue what I’m passionate about and I genuinely feel like my voice is heard.
Will White Appspace testimonial picture
Will White
Director, Sales Engineering (Pre-Sales)

Shape what’s next

We’re helping people love where they work by helping companies modernize their working experience. Join a growing team that’s redefining how companies connect with their people.
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"Creating a workplace experience people love starts with us. Companies are great because of the people, and it's our job as leaders to put them first. If we do that, only good things follow -- for our teams, our products, and our customers."


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CIOReview Award: HR Tech Solution Provider Award
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