Find and book rooms, desks, parking, lockers, and more

When the office is the best place to connect, make it easy to book rooms, desks, parking spots, and other spaces. With Appspace, employees can reserve resources on preferred floors, near their team, or somewhere they can focus, with simple space reservation software.
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How does Space Reservation work?

See Appspace Space Reservation in action.



Reserve resources ahead of
time or when you get there.

Desk reservation system.



Manage reservations via Microsoft Teams, Outlook, the Employee App, and more.
Map view showing places available for reservation.



Check in via QR code, by starting a meeting, or connecting to a docking station.
Confirmation screen for space reservation software.


Bookable spaces to work – and work together

Bookable spaces to work
– and work together

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Hot desking and
desk hoteling

From on-the-fly booking to more structured desk reservation systems, Appspace flexes to fit your workplace needs.

Book from anywhere, whenever

Reserve days in advance, while heading to the office, or when you get there – from your intranet, email, Microsoft Teams or the Appspace Employee App.
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Room booking & scheduling

Book the right room for any meeting

Book the right space to fit the meeting, invite colleagues, and make last-minute changes if you need to.

Use the tools you know and love

Find available meeting spaces using the tools you’re used to, like Microsoft Outlook.

Find coworkers and create team spaces

See when colleagues are going to the office, where they’re sitting, and use maps to pinpoint their location. And create spaces for working together.

Submit special requests

Request catering, hardware, or any other amenities before your next big meeting

Room booking & scheduling

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Get booking notifications without app jumping

With Appspace, Space Reservation integrates with the tools employees already use. That means you can confirm room scheduling, desk bookings, and resource reservations via Teams, Slack, Webex, and Workplace from Meta.

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Manage your spaces and resources

Space Reservation - Resource Management

Everything you need to manage your people and spaces

With Appspace, you can manage it all: Capacity rules, reservation permissions, available services like room set-up and catering, and policies for a safer workplace. Space Reservation frees up valuable admin time. And there’s no need for employee training on how to use it. Our Space Reservation software offers touch-less check-in and generates a handy QR code for visitors and guests to access allocated spaces.
Space Reservation - Floor Map

Everything you need to manage your people and spaces

Your office floor plan, digitalized. That means users get an exact map of your office, so it’s easy to find and book the right resources in the right location. Maps integrate with most IWMS providers and you can:

  • Identify bookable spaces in a couple of clicks
  • Add points of interest (like water fountains, kiosks, or vending machines)
  • nclude even more bookable resources than the ones available in your Outlook or Google calenda
  • Mix and match resource providers by integrating with your calendar system, uploading a bulk list, or just adding them manually
Space Reservation - Analytics Insights

Data-driven workplace decisions

Get the full picture of how people use your space so you can optimize it. With on-demand analytics, you’ll have the insights you need to create more useful real estate plans and support a workplace that works for everyone. See what resources are being booked, who booked them, the number of attendees, whether they checked-in, and how long they were there, with:
  • Detailed reports
  • Utilization trends
  • Integrations with enterprise-grade BI systems
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Power up your system with the right hardware

Integrate with your workplace displays, kiosks and digital signage in common areas, reception and meeting rooms. Some popular examples of Appspace integrations include:
  • Elo touchscreens for Kiosks
  • Webex Room Navigator for room panels
  • Qbic Desk Pucks for desk reservation
  • iPads for reception
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Run your meeting right – from the start

Need to arrange lunch? Want some help setting up the room? Or clean-up after the meeting? Appspace integrates with ServiceNow for the things you need to help your meeting go smoothly, like catering and room configurations.
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Smarten up your office with IoT devices

Understand how your office spaces are being used with real-time occupancy data. Maintain a healthy environment with air quality monitoring. Use smart docking stations to find the best spot to work. Appspace integrates with IoT devices and workplace sensors for a hybrid workplace that’s safe and optimized.

Appspace runs on a variety of hardware

Room panels, interactive kiosks, desk pucks – whatever hardware you’re using, Appspace probably supports it.

Room panels

Use the touchscreen to book or check the status of a room.
Digital display for office space reservation.

Desk pucks

See which workstations are available
or in use.
Desk reservation system with puck devices for check-in.


Make space booking intuitive
and interactive.
Interactive kiosk for desk reservation.
Wayfinding app on mobile phone.
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Space Reservation is just one part of the Appspace platform

With space reservation features available in the Appspace Employee App, Intranet, and integrated with your digital signage and wayfinding kiosks, you can create a more connected experience – one that combines workplace management and communications in a single platform.
“Appspace’s workplace reservation system is superior to our previous version, and we have just gotten started with finding creative ways to overlay content into the system. Appspace has set the bar high for our other technology providers.”
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You’ve got questions,

we’ve got answers

What is space or room reservation?

Space or room reservation is software that lets employees remotely book desks, meeting rooms or workspaces. They can see what spaces are available or already reserved, and see which colleagues have reserved which rooms or desks.

What is desk hoteling?

Desk hoteling is for employees who want to book seating before coming into the office. Typically, it’s done in smaller offices that have more employees than seats. And where teams are typically working in a hybrid model, so they don’t need to seat their entire staff every day.

What does hot desking mean?

Hot desking involves bookable workstations that are available on a first-come, first-served basis or ad-hoc. In this scenario, when employees or visitors arrive on site, they’d look for an open workspace to reserve. It’s a great option for companies wanting flexibility for employees who are more likely to work from various locations each week and may head to the office on any given day.

How does reservation software work?

Space or room reservation software allows you to create an inventory of all reservable workspace resources, plus reservation and checkpoint rules. It links reservable resources to actual locations via uploaded maps and floorplans, so employees can book resources via the web, Employee App or via integrated apps like Microsoft Teams, Slack, Outlook or Gmail.

Can meeting rooms and desks be booked on a mobile phone?

Absolutely. Appspace Space Reservation software lets employees find and book desks, meeting and conference rooms, and spaces easily via the Employee App, or from within Outlook.


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