An employee app for your whole workplace – not just comms

Rally your teams with an employee app that doesn’t just keep them in the loop, but puts them in control of how they work. With Appspace, employees get quick access to company updates plus the ability to reserve workspaces, like desks, meeting rooms, and even parking spots.
Mobile employee apps.


How does the Employee App work?

See the Employee App in action.
Communicate and collaborate
Keep teams connected to company news – and each other.
Reserve workspaces
Empower teams to book desks, meeting rooms, or anything in between.
Integrate with your digital workplace
Say hello to an employee mobile app that integrates with the rest of your stack.

Communicate with your employees everywhere

Take an omni-channel approach to your internal communications and reach employees who are desk-based, remote, and on the shop floor. Publish once. Reach everyone.

Personalize the employee newsfeed

Serve up targeted updates via mobile, desktop, or in Microsoft Teams. Pin featured posts and ensure engagement with push notifications.

Integrate with in-office signage

Deliver consistent, branded messaging across channels. Post communications from the Employee App to your digital signage (and vice versa).

Major news? Get all eyes on it

Emergency announcement? Priority message from the CEO? Override regular content and get everyone’s attention with Appspace Broadcasts.

Give updates on the move

Quick posts created and shared via the Employee App can also display on digital signage for a consistent message across your organization. It’s easy to add branded content to the Employee App as well as your other communication channels such as digital signage.

Give everyone a say with social features

Conversation is a two-way street. Kickstart the dialogue with features that let employees like, comment on, and share content.

Organize department-specific knowledge

Step up collaboration across teams with the ability to publish long-form content called Pages. Attach relevant files so there’s no need to go digging. And organize related Pages into Topics to make it easier for people to share knowledge – and like, comment, and react to it with social features.

Find and connect with coworkers

Avoid awkward “Who’s that again?” moments and say hello to a handy corporate directory that helps employees network across the organization.

Make your content feel right at home Lost in translation?

Never. Tailor content to specific offices. Having localized content on your Employee App is like having a personal language tutor who knows exactly what your team needs to hear.


This app has your workplace management needs covered, too

Going to the office should be a friction-free experience. That’s why the Employee App makes it easy to do things like book rooms and desks and manage visitors.

Fuss-free management and administration

Employee announcements.
Embed your messages into Microsoft Teams

With all the functionality of the Employee App available in Teams, employees can do everything right inside the tools they already use – no need for separate apps or websites.

Appspace publishing tools share information with the tools your team uses every day like Slack, Microsoft Teams, and Webex.

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Employees are up and running in no time

The Employee App can be easily set up on work or personal devices with downloads from the Apple App Store and Google Play Store. It can also be accessed using any web browser.

See what’s working (and what’s not)

Knowledge is power. Keep track of what comms are working across regions, technologies, and types of workers, and use the insights to fine-tune your strategy.

Learn more about Analytics ›

Keep it hassle-free with one-time passwords

Provide an extra layer of protection while keeping things convenient for your frontline workers (or any employees without a company email) with a unique one-time password (OTP). It’s like a digital lock that changes every time they need to access the app.


A window into all the benefits of the Appspace platform

The Appspace Employee App gives your teams access to every relevant communication they need, including the tools to navigate the office, right in the palm of their hand. It is just one part of our workplace experience platform which keeps pace with what employees want – and need – today.
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We’ve got answers

What is an employee app?

An employee app is a hub for content and tools that lives on a mobile device as an application or can be accessed via a web browser. It’s where employees can find communication and messaging. But what makes the Appspace Employe App different is that it also gives your teams access to space reservation and booking tools.

How do I download the Appspace Employee App?

The Appspace Employee App runs on iOS and Android devices and can be downloaded from the Apple App Store and the Google Play Store. Once you’ve downloaded the app, you’ll be invited to log in. Once you’re in, you’ll have access to all the content and tools you need.

How does an employee app work?

An employee app hosts content published by administrators, managers, and employees. Content in the app can be shared with everyone or specific groups or employees. This can include videos, messaging, and information. It also provides access to space reservation tools to book rooms, desks, and spaces.  

How does the Appspace Employee App work with Microsoft Teams, Webex, and Slack?

Content published to enterprise messaging apps such as Slack or Webex Teams is accessible to view in the Employee App. As long as you have an Appspace account, you’ll be able to access published Appspace content links in enterprise messaging apps that redirect and open in the Employee App.

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