Appspace App

The same experience and functionality across a broad set of devices, browsers, and enterprise messaging apps.

One App to Support All Your Workplace Experiences

The Appspace App powers all of your digital workplace experiences in a browser or natively on a variety of devices.

Appspace Progressive Web App

Progressive Web App

The Appspace PWA is hosted in the cloud and accessible by a web browser. PWA supports: streaming & browsing, playback caching, and can be embedded for simple integration.

Appspace Native Applications

Native Apps

Appspace is installed natively on a variety of devices. Appspace native apps support: content caching on local storage, access to hardware features, and advanced video codec support.

Appspace Bots

Bots & Macros

Bots and macros allow Appspace to integrate with a variety of existing workplace tools or platforms such as video conferencing codecs and enterprise messaging apps.

Comprehensive Enterprise Features

  • HTML Card Templates
  • Live Streams
  • Custom Transitions
  • Advanced Experiences
  • Monitoring & Reporting
  • Broad Image Support
  • Fullscreen Playlists
  • Portrait & Landscape
  • 4K & Higher Video Walls
  • Simple installation
  • HD & 4K Video Support
  • Netflix-Style Mode
  • Touch-Enabled
  • Customizable Branding
  • Works with Appspace Alerts

Appspace is Flexible, Secure, and Grows with You

Learn how Appspace makes it easy to implement and utilize one software platform to create your entire digital workplace.