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Premium Users

You only pay for the people who make reservations or view content in the Employee App. Every plan comes with Premium Users but you can purchase more if needed. Admins are always completely free.


Only pay for media players, collaboration endpoints, and scheduling devices. Our plans include enough for most customers but you can always purchase more.

Storage & Bandwidth

For the majority of our customers, the included storage and bandwidth is more than enough. For those that need a little extra, you can purchase more to cover your unique needs. 

Pricing FAQs

Here are the most frequent pricing questions and answers
How does Appspace Free work?

Sign up for a free account online and then share information with 1 compatible device, invite 2 Premium Users, and register up to 2 Admins. You also get 5GB storage and 5GB/mo. of bandwidth.

How many users can view content?

Everyone in an organization can view content through digital signage on workplace displays or through enterprise messaging apps. Only Premium Users can view content in the Employee App (content portal).

To view content in the Employee App, the account must be configured for Single Sign On with Just-in-time user creation.

To create and manage content and the account, Admin users must be registered.

What's the difference between Admin and Premium Users?

An Admin (also known as a Platform User) is a user that manages technical, brand or account aspects. Admins in an organization will typically be IT or facilities management.

Premium User is any person that you give access to the Employee App to view content and make reservations.

Can I buy individual device IDs?

Yes. Additional device IDs can be added for Express and Omni plans.

Additional device IDs cannot be added to Appspace Free.

Can I buy additional storage and bandwidth?

Yes. Additional cloud storage can be added for $0.10/GB/mo. and bandwidth can be added for $0.15/GB/mo. These can be added to any paid subscription. Additional storage and bandwidth cannot be added to Appspace Free.

Are there educational discounts?

Yes. Please contact us to find out more.

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