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  • 1 Creator
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  • 5 Devices
  • 5 GB of Storage
  • 5 GB of Bandwidth

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$ 600

For organizations and departments that want to swipe a credit card and get started.

  • 5 Creators
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  • 25 Devices
  • 25 GB of Storage
  • 25 GB of Bandwidth
  • Advanced Support


$ 1,375
/mo. +

For organizations that want to scale globally and have a choice of deployment models.

All plans shown are in US dollars.


Creators & Admins

You only pay for the people who create templates. Viewers are free. You can also request more Admins for free.

Additional Creators are $20/user/mo.

Device IDs

Only pay for media players, collaboration endpoints, and scheduling devices. Personal devices are free.

Additional IDs for Express at $40/device/mo.

Additional IDs for Omni at $12/device/mo.

Storage & Bandwidth

For Cloud users, you pay for content storage and the bandwidth needed to get it to your account and viewers. 

Additional storage at $0.10/GB/mo.

Additional bandwidth at $0.15/GB/mo.


Here are the most frequent pricing questions and answers

Sign up for a free account online and then share information with 5 compatible devices, invite all users in a team as viewers, and register 1 Creator and 5 Admins. You also get 5GB storage and 5GB/mo. of bandwidth. It's that simple.

Everyone in an organization can view content in Appspace for free. Whether seen in an enterprise messaging app or viewed in the Appspace portal, any published content to the organization is available to all viewers for free.

To view content in the portal, the account must be configured for Single Sign On with Just-in-time user creation.

To create and manage content and the account, Creator and Admin users must be registered.

A Creator is a user with permissions to create, manage, or share content. Creators in an organization will typically be content authors and publishers in HR or Marketing departments.

An Admin is a user that manages technical, brand or account aspects. Admins in an organization will typically be IT or facilities management.

Users can be both Creators and Admins if they require permissions for both areas.

For paid subscriptions, additional Creator users can be added at $20/user/mo. and additional Admin users can be requested for free.

Yes. Additional device IDs for Express can be added for $40/device/mo. Additional IDs for Omni can be added for $12/device/mo.

Additional device IDs cannot be added to Appspace Free.

Yes. Additional cloud storage can be added for $0.10/GB/mo. and bandwidth can be added for $0.15/GB/mo. These can be added to any paid subscription. Additional storage and bandwidth cannot be added to Appspace Free.

Yes. Please contact us to find out more.

Get started for free

Start with a 6-month free account that’s perfect for creating proof-of-concepts and pilots.