Flexible pricing to suit your needs

Flexible pricing to suit
your needs

Appspace is a software platform that’s made up of solutions for managing your whole workplace, from employee communications to your office spaces. When you buy Appspace, you get access to the entire platform, but pricing is based on what you need right now. Once you’re up and running, it’s easy to add users and devices.

Users and devices: How pricing works

How many users will you have?
How many devices will be running Appspace?

How many users do you have?


Pricing starts at $3/month

Users are people who will access Appspace to get news and updates, reserve meeting rooms and desks, and pre-register visitors. Admins are free. For now, just estimate how many unique users you’ll need.

How many devices will be running Appspace?


Pricing starts at $38/month

Devices are the screens that you want to use to display information: your TV screens, digital signs, room booking panels, and visitor and wayfinding kiosks. For now, just estimate how many of your devices you’d like to display Appspace content.

Min $950/month spend

Mix and match users and devices and take advantage of quantity discounts as you grow.

Compare plans & features

Premium Users22550
Appspace Device IDs12550+
Storage (per mo.)5GB25GB50GB+
Bandwidth (per mo.)5GB25GB50GB+

Workplace Communications

Employee App
Content Library
Brandable Templates
Brandable Console
Microsoft Teams Integration
Webex Teams Integration
Slack Integration
Playlist Channels
Live Channels
Multi-Zone Channels
Advanced Channels

Workplace Management

Room & Desk Booking
Maps & Floorplans
Reservation Rules
Custom Resources
Visitor Management
Customized Registration Forms
Brandable Email Notifications
Concierge Dashboard
Microsoft Outlook Integration
Google Calendar Integration


User Management
User Permissions
Device Management
Single Sign-On
Device Tasks
Support Tier



Premium - Elite

Payment Options

Credit Card Only

Credit Card & Invoice

Account Duration


Month-to-Month or Annual

Month-to-Month or Annual

Base support

  • Cloud infrastructure managed by Appspace
  • Latest software releases
  • Access to online documentation
  • Access to video tutorials

Advanced support

  • All the benefits of base, plus:
  • Online chat support
  • 12hr response time
  • Two ticket administrators
  • Three incidents /mo.*
  • Support from Monday-Friday, 8am-5pm**

Premium support

  • All the benefits of advanced, plus:
  • Phone and ticket support
  • 4hr response time for cloud issues
  • 8hr response time for on-prem issues
  • Five ticket administrators
  • Unlimited incidents /mo.*

Elite support

  • All the benefits of premium, plus:
  • Named Customer Success Manager
  • 2hr response time for cloud issues
  • 4hr response time for on-prem issues
  • Twenty ticket administrators
  • Unlimited incidents /mo*
  • Support from Sunday-Saturday, 8am-5pm**
*Reported software bugs and cloud outages do not count towards your monthly incident quota.
**Support hours reflect nearest Appspace regional support center to the primary location of the account.
For full terms of the Service Level Agreement, click here
Other services may be available for a fee through a partner or Appspace Professional Services

Below is a breakdown of service definitions

Upon customer completing a network questionnaire, an Appspace Engineer uses an Environment Check Tool to assess the network, find incorrect settings and work with customer to rectify. Estimate: 8 hours.

An Appspace engineer uses remote desktop tools to supervise, help or perform the installation of Appspace on-premises software on a customer’s server. Pre-requisite requires a successful Network Consult. Estimate: 8 hours.

Appspace Professional Services will work with customer to design, and build a custom channel using the visual editor toolset, as defined in the Standard Statement of Work. Estimate: 40 hours.

An Appspace engineer uses a pre-built template or creates a new one to configure a device task. Customer is responsible for applying task templates to specific devices. Estimate: 120mins/template.

Appspace Professional Services will work with customer to tailor an existing alert template. Estimate: 60 mins/template.

Manage your entire workplace.
Pay for what you need.

You’ll find our pricing for solutions is competitive, but we offer a lot more options and flexibility as your needs change.
Workplace Communications
Workplace Management
Workplace Communications


How it's priced





Employee App


Digital Signage


Content & Publishing


Workplace Management


How it's priced



Space Reservation

Visitor Management



Pricing FAQs

Have questions? Here are the most common ones, with answers.
How does Appspace Free work?

Sign up for a free account online and then share information with 1 compatible device, invite 2 Premium Users, and register up to 2 Admins. You also get 5GB storage and 5GB/mo. of bandwidth.

How many users can view content?

Everyone in an organization can view content through digital signage on workplace displays or through enterprise messaging apps. Only Premium Users can view content in the Employee App (content portal).

To view content in the Employee App, the account must be configured for Single Sign-On with Just-in-time user creation.

To create and manage content and the account, Admin users must be registered.

What's the difference between Admin and Premium Users?

An Admin (also known as a Platform User) is a user that manages technical, brand or account aspects. Admins in an organization will typically be IT or facilities management.

Premium User is any person that you give access to the Employee App to view content and make reservations.

Can I buy individual device IDs?

Yes! It’s easy to add device IDs if you’ve got a paid subscription. You can’t buy device IDs if you’ve got Appspace Free.

Can I buy additional storage and bandwidth?

Yes! You can add extra cloud storage for $0.10/GB/mo. and you can add bandwidth for $0.15/GB/mo. You can add these to any paid subscription, but not if you’ve got Appspace Free.

Are there educational discounts?

Yes. Please contact us to find out more.

Workplace resources

Find best practices from Appspace experts and partners, information on new releases, and workplace insights.