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Collaboration Displays

Use conference room displays to showcase company updates when they aren’t being used for presentations and calls.

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Card templates make it easy to get started - no training required!

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Customize colors, fonts, and more with card theme controls.

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Share cards to one or many devices in just a few clicks.

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Deploy thousands of devices with centralized controls.


A Platform for the Modern Workplace

Extend the reach of your corporate messaging campaigns and enterprise TV deployment by enabling collaboration displays in your conference rooms. Create content with HTML card templates - it's like editing a slide. Group cards in channels and view them in the Appspace App on screens in the workplace.

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Author with Appspace Cards

Appspace Cards make sharing any information effortless. Publish once and view anywhere with brand consistency and flawless formatting.

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Publish into Channels

Organize cards into channels and make it simple for content to reach your audience. Publish to specific devices, online players, and enterprise messaging apps.


Reach People in Every Meeting Space

Get more from your small meeting spaces.  Collaboration displays in huddle spaces can also showcase company updates when they aren’t being used for presentations.


Collaboration Display Features

All the features and functions you expect from an enterprise platform.


HTML Card Templates

Support for RSS Feeds

Fullscreen Channels

Publishing Approval Process

Broad Image Support

Integrate Social Feeds

Custom Transitions

Device Status Alerts

HD & 4K Video Support

Integrate Third-Party Data

Signage & Interactive Modes

Broad Hardware Support

Live Streams

Granular Scheduling Options

1:1 & 1:Many Publishing

Works with Appspace Alerts


 Collaboration Displays are One Piece of the Platform

The digital workplace is made up of several solutions. Appspace can help you put the pieces together.


Built for the Cloud

The Appspace platform is fast, secure, and grows with you. With flexible configuration settings and powerful administrative tools, deployments are tailored to you.

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