Give employees a hub for information and processes

Provide employees with a single destination for the latest announcements, videos, workplace tools, and processes when they are in the office, at home, or on the go.


Built for both Frontline and Corporate workers

Frontline workers account for 80% of the global workforce, keep them as equally informed and engaged as corporate workers when they are at home and on the go.


Create communities to align teams, swap files, and share knowledge

Give global and local teams a space to collaborate on structured project and department pages, and bring together documents, links, and insights to keep everyone up to speed with what is going on.  


A simple way to find and reserve rooms, desks, and more

Provide corporate workers with the means to pre-reserve desks and rooms on preferred floors, near the team or away from all the action while adhering to capacity planning rules.


Make the most of your technology investments

Appspace plugs into leading software applications and workplace hardware to offer an optimal out-of-the-box experience that is also highly customizable.


Reach employees through the tools they already use

Extend announcements and reservation confirmations to corporate workers inside Teams, Slack, Webex, and Workplace by Meta.


Measure and analyze engagement

Keep track of how published information is performing and identify successful communications across regions, technologies, and types of workers. Use the insights to adapt your communications strategy. 

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