Pitch-perfect communications that reach everyone

Deliver timely, targeted messaging to your employees, visitors, and guests. Appspace Workplace Communications solutions help you reach every employee with an omni-channel approach. Create once, publish everywhere – to the Employee App, Slack, Webex, Microsoft Teams, on digital signage across the office, and the company intranet.
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Intranet For Employees

Create a hub for connection and knowledge sharing

Our award-winning, intuitive intranet keeps employees coming back. From project-related files to announcements and company chatter, a modern intranet connects your team and helps them find everything they need.

Take your employee communications mobile

The Appspace Employee App makes your workplace communications effective, easy, and mobile. Get important company messages out to every employee, wherever they are, in just a few clicks. Our Employee App is a perfect gateway to Appspace Space Reservation and Visitor Management.
Workplace Communications App
workplace digital signage

Reach employees and visitors with smart signage

Bring your workplace to life with engaging digital signage for your conference rooms, meeting areas, and public spaces. Whether you want to use a single screen or a connected network of displays on a wall, our digital signage makes sure everyone gets the message.


Ready-made content, fit for your brand

Our expert-crafted content templates are ready to go, easy to deploy, and built for omni-channel publishing. Customize any of our workplace templates to fit your brand guidelines and make updates whenever you need to.
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Medtronic Testimonial

The big win is for our local content managers. They are often the receptionist sitting at the front desk, not an IT person. It’s so easy for them to go in and load content; this is huge improvement compared to our old solutions that required you to be part programmer. The feedback I get is that the local content managers are thrilled with how much easier it is for them.


Your guide to the Appspace Workplace Experience Platform

Learn how Appspace can help you connect your people, places, and spaces from a unified platform that keeps your teams informed and engaged.

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