Create a unified workplace experience with Google solutions

Appspace and Google work together to create a workplace experience that’s productive, collaborative, and secure, so employees love where they work.
Appspace workplace experience with Google

Designed for Google

Our solutions extend the functionality of Google solutions to help unify your physical and digital workplace. We make it easy to reach every employee, from the front line to the back office, across the software and devices they use every day.

Our collaboration goes beyond simple integrations to provide a single-solution experience that feels familiar, natural, and within the normal workflow. All while maintaining the same enterprise-grade security you expect from your Google solutions.

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Engage employees through Google Meet devices

Appspace is the first digital signage provider for Google Meet. Easily turn your devices into communication channels and increase their value.
Appspace built into Google Meet
Engaging employees through Google Meet
Google kiosk modern digital signage

Modernize your digital signage and kiosk strategy

As a preferred partner for ChromeOS devices for digital signage and kiosks, Appspace supercharges Google-powered devices into modern digital signage and interactive kiosks.

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Keep your people and spaces in sync

Integrate Google Calendar resources with Appspace Space Reservation including maps, room scheduling, desk hoteling, and bi-directional syncing so it’s always up to date.
Google Calendar integrated with Appspace workforce experience
Card templates for Google Slides

Supercharge communications and productivity

Card templates for Google Slides, Google Sheets, and YouTube make it easy to publish your content across multiple channels and devices at once.


The freedom to choose the right Google device to reach employees

Appspace runs natively on ChromeOS for digital signage and kiosks and the Appspace Employee App runs natively in the Chrome Browser as a progressive web app or as a native app on Android devices.

Appspace Employee App running in Chrome Browser
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With Appspace, we've advanced our employee communications strategy to continue strengthening our workplace culture. Their digital signage solution has also helped us to more effectively reach our workforce, especially frontline employees.
Appspace and ChromeOS customer

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