Build a company culture where everyone can thrive

Employees everywhere are disengaged. Change that, with collaboration tools, targeted communications, and corporate news and updates accessible from anywhere. Make it easy for staff to feel heard, seen, and an integral part of your company culture.
Workplace Communications
Workplace Collaboration Platform

Support collaboration and connection

Create a virtual water cooler, where people can connect and share ideas. Strengthen culture and engagement right across your organization using tools to help you build communities of interest, and promote diversity and inclusion by giving everyone a chance to contribute.


Express your appreciation

Thank a colleague publicly for their hard work. Praise someone for a job well done. Or wish a teammate a happy birthday. Peer-to-peer recognition tools make it easy to express your thanks. Publish your message on your intranet and share it on your digital signs and employee app.

Employee Appreciation Content
Company Messaging

Get new hires up and running fast

Help on-site workers get where they need to be, with digital signage and wayfinding solutions. Centralize documents and policies in your intranet. Take your company messages mobile with an employee communications app. And connect employees to the people and information they need, right off the bat.

Tap into the collective brains of your diverse workforce

Don’t let communication barriers stand in the way of effective teamwork. With features like Auto-Translations on your intranet, your employees are only ever a click away from being able to view content in their own language.

Multilingual Employee Communications
Workplace Displays

Deliver communications right across your organization

Make the most of inclusive communications using templates to easily reach individual employees. Or connect with specific groups through workplace displays and apps like Teams and Slack, all in a single click.


Why workplace experience is the future of employee engagement

Work is no longer a place. It’s an experience. Find out how you can make that experience the best it can be.
Why workplace experience is the future of employee engagement.

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