Manage your modern workplace with one simple platform

As a facilities manager, overseeing the workplace experience means everything from optimizing space to doing more with less. Ditch single-point solutions and save time and headaches by consolidating space reservation, digital signage, and visitor management on a single platform.
Appspace For Facilities Teams
Space Management For Facilities

Easily manage office spaces and reservations

Simplify space management with the Appspace platform. Your team can book on-site or on the go, making it user-friendly for in-office workers and hybrid teams. You’re in control of updating floorplans and resources in just a few clicks.

Upgrade your digital signage to a more people-centric experience

Your digital signage can do more than display static screens. Customize the content on your signage and capture the attention of whoever walks through your facilities.
Digital Signage For Facilities
Visitor Management For Facilities

Get visitors checked in quickly with our streamlined process

Visitors can pre-register, use touchless check-in, or check-in on-site with our visitor management tool. Team members are notified of guest arrivals, making their office visit simple and keeping your processes to a minimum.

Get everyone to their end destination with wayfinding

Bring your existing digital signage displays and turn them into maps to help people get from point a to point b. Wayfinding can be deployed on your existing devices and help employees and guests quickly get to their desired location.

Digital Signage Wayfinding
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Appspace has strengthened our ability to communicate via digital signage, wayfinding, and live streaming to all of our users with the best support team on the market.

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