Appspace Interactive Kiosks
Appspace Interactive Kiosks Booking Board

Browse information like personnel directories, room or desk availability, wayfinding, and other workplace services on touch-enabled displays. It’s simple to build, deploy and administer.

Interactive Kiosks TV

Easy To Use

Service cards make it easy to find people, spaces, and more.

Always On-Brand

Customize colors, fonts, and more with card theme controls

Simple Publishing

Share cards to one or many devices in just a few clicks

Built To Scale

Deploy thousands of devices with centralized controls

A Software Platform for the Modern Workplace

Appspace makes finding what you need in the workplace fast and easy. Find people, spaces, and much more with HTML Service Card templates. Deploy on large or small touchscreens, landscape or portrait, and run a messaging channel on idle. It’s flexible and easy to administer at scale.

Appspace Workplace Services Kiosk

How it Works

A 3-Step Workflow Makes Publishing Easy

Appspace Card Brand Controls

Author with Cards

Appspace Cards make sharing information easy. Announcements, directories, wayfinding, and more. Publish once and view on displays across your organization. ​

Appspace Cards

Publish into Channels

Cards are published to channels that are added to the kiosk experience template. Cards can be shared in multiple channels making global & local playlist management a snap.

Appspace Alerts and Controls

Override When Required

Cards deliver key messages to the workplace during important and critical times. Publish manually or integrate with your emergency notification platform.

Find Colleagues, Spaces, and More

Appspace’s interactive directory card makes it easy to find and connect with the person (or people) you need. The interactive wayfinding card then makes it easy to find your way around the workplace.

Comprehensive Enterprise Features

  • Find Meeting Rooms
  • HTML Card Templates
  • Live Streams
  • Integrate Third-Party Data
  • Advanced Channel Layouts
  • 1:1 & 1:Many Publishing
  • Broad Media Player Support
  • People Directories
  • Broad Image Support
  • Support RSS Feeds
  • Portrait & Landscape
  • Digital Signage on Idle
  • Granular User Access
  • Comprehensive Device Tasks
  • Wayfinding & Maps
  • HD & 4K Video Support
  • Integrate Social Feeds
  • Fullscreen Playlists
  • Custom Transitions
  • Granular Scheduling Options
  • Works with Appspace Alerts

Kiosks are One Part of the Platform

The modern workplace is made up of several solutions. Appspace can help you put the pieces together

Digital Signs & Video Walls
Room Scheduling
Collaboration Displays
Enterprise TV
Appspace Cloud

Built for the Cloud

The Appspace platform is fast, secure, and grows with you. With flexible configuration settings and powerful administrative tools, deployments are tailored to you.

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