Improve hybrid workplace communication with team management software

A hybrid workplace can bring challenges, like managing schedules, office spaces, and team collaboration. The Appspace platform helps you handle it all, with solutions designed to work together – from a modern intranet to space reservation – so employees can enjoy the best of both worlds.
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Intranet For Employees

Bring your remote and in-office workers together

Help your hybrid teams connect, share knowledge, and collaborate – from wherever they are. Create a thriving virtual office with the Appspace Intranet (powered by Beezy), where employees can stay up to date with everything that’s happening across the organization, keep projects moving, and build the social connections needed for employees to be at their best.

Ensure nobody misses a message

Make sure your communications reach your employees, however and wherever they’re working. The Appspace platform lets you publish messages to your in-office signage, the Employee App, your intranet, or messaging apps, like Teams or Slack.
Multichannel Publishing
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Keep your hybrid teams looped in

Give your teams a way to stay connected. Employees can also access workplace management tools like space reservation so they can reserve workstations from their personal devices before arriving in the office

Make it simple to reserve workspaces

When employees need or want to come to the office, make it simple to book a room, desk, or meeting space. Team members can book in advance through the Employee App or ad hoc when visiting the office.
Workplace Displays

Create targeted content for hybrid teams

Pre-made content templates make it easy to create engaging messages for internal communications. Organize templates into logical channels and reach individual employees or specific groups through workplace displays and apps, like Teams and Slack.
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We use Appspace to support workplace collaboration, which has become increasingly important since the COVID-19 pandemic.

Enterprise features

Responsive design

Templates perfectly format services in landscape, portrait, and more

Always on-brand

Customize colors, fonts, and more with powerful theme controls

Flexible interactivity

Engage with information using touch screens, mobile devices, URLs, and more

Compatible with alerts

Override content with priority messages from the CEO and emergency systems 

Comprehensive analytics

Understand which services are most important to each of your locations 

Built to scale

Deploy thousands of devices across the workplace with centralized controls 


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