Enhanced Services

Every customer is unique, and while the Appspace platform is designed for ease of use, sometimes your unique use case requires additional support and development. The Enhanced Services team is here to help you get the most out of your Appspace deployment.
Enhanced Services - Appsace

Meet your target date and get up and running quickly!

Appspace offers multi-tiered packages to help you configure the Appspace platform for your environment. Whether you’re a DIYer looking for guidance or a project owner looking for a full strategic implementation, we’ve got a solution for you. Choose from a suite of options, including training, system configuration, governance planning, custom documentation, end-user adoption, and more.

Connect your workplace by integrating your unique tech stack with Appspace.

Appspace partners with technology leaders and many integrations are available out of the box. However, if you have a specific use case or software partner, we can develop a custom integration and workflow to meet your unique needs. Whether it’s leveraging the latest smart building technology, plugging into your HRIS system, or creating an awe-inspiring video wall, our team can create the experience you’re looking for.
Wayfinding app on mobile phone.

With the power of the Appspace, Wayfinding is so much more than getting from point A to point B!

Using the strength of Appspace platform, your wayfinding kiosk can include directories, room booking, contextually relevant content, emergency messages, and more! Wow your employees and visitors with a stunning user interface, 3D maps, and animated walking paths.


Create the perfect environment with customized content and messaging.

Let Appspace’s award-winning designers & content writers bring your messages to life with custom projects or a content refresh. Our team can create content for your specific spaces, channels, and audiences on everything from conference room screens, video walls, kiosks, and the Employee App.
Managed Services - Appspace

Make sure you have all the resources you need to be successful!

Appspace’s subject matter experts are available to help you manage your Appspace platform and keep it up to date. With teams of specialists ready to manage your content creation, publishing, system maintenance, and custom project design, we can augment your team and free you up to focus on other business-critical demands.

Keep your team members up to date with on-demand platform training.

Appspace offers one-off and on-going training solutions to help you maintain platform and governance integrity and ensure that all your team members are following best practices. Select one-hour instructor-led sessions or half-day workshops, depending on your team needs.
Migration Services - Appspace

Take advantage of the latest Appspace upgrades and features.

If you’re ready to move from on premise to the cloud and want to take advantage of all of the latest Appspace features, our team of migration experts is ready to help you migrate your system. We can help you migrate your devices and content quickly so you can start to leverage all that Appspace has to offer.

Ensure communications are always on-brand

Our library of pre-designed HTML templates makes it easy to share any information. Templates keep all departmental announcements on-brand and ensure perfect formatting on displays of any size and orientation. Card templates also natively work on computers, phones, and in other apps like SharePoint, Teams, or Slack, making it easy to share information beyond your digital signage.
Multi-zone Templates - Appspace

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