Enhance the digital and physical workplace with Microsoft solutions

Appspace and Microsoft solutions work together to make it easier to share knowledge, reserve resources, connect with colleagues, and improve productivity wherever work takes place.

Designed for Microsoft​

Appspace for Microsoft was specifically built to operate as a single experience with Microsoft solutions. Powerful integrations add to Microsoft’s capabilities and work from inside the Microsoft apps you know and love to deliver an improved time to value and ROI. 

Together, Appspace and Microsoft improve the digital workplace by connecting Microsoft Teams, Sharepoint, and Viva with intranet and employee app solutions.  Appspace also extends Microsoft’s solutions from the digital to the physical workplace with digital signage and space reservation solutions.


Easily access Appspace solutions through Teams

Unlock all the Appspace Employee App features from the tools you use every day. Embed into Microsoft Teams and access all the functionality from the Teams desktop or mobile app. See global and local updates within a simple interface. Reserve desks, rooms, and any other workplace resources with a few clicks.


Enhance Microsoft Outlook capabilities

Consolidate workflows and take Microsoft Outlook reservations to the next level by installing the Appspace Add-in available in the Office apps store. The Appspace add-in provides additional capabilities, including images of reservable resources, floor plans, colleague locations, capacity limits, and more. Combine Visitor Management into the scheduling process by inviting external guests and sending registration links all in one process.


Experience a modern intranet built on SharePoint

Provide a simple and intuitive user experience, with a modern intranet that’s built as an extension of Microsoft SharePoint. Access powerful intranet features through Microsoft Teams and make it easy for employees to work together no matter where they’re located. Automate third-party apps to speed up daily tasks and make work more efficient.


Communicate to employees using Microsoft solutions

Enhance the reach of SharePoint content and Power BI dashboards by publishing to digital signage, the Appspace Employee App, and Microsoft Teams.
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Appspace has been extremely valuable for our employees as it allows them to stay up to date to relevant company announcements, events and internal communications

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