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From connecting siloed departments and functions to engaging employees and citizens, the Appspace platform helps meet public sector agencies’ top priorities. Bring your teams together and manage a secure work environment with a modern intranet, visitor management, and more.


Meet the modern intranet for the high security cloud

The Appspace Intranet (powered by Beezy) meets the needs of organizations operating in Microsoft’s Government Community Cloud (GCC) High environment and the Department of Defense (DoD) Cloud. It offers a human-centered user experience that improves communication and collaboration, with AI to automate processes – and it’s fully optimized for mobile.
Intranet For Employees

Give employees an always-accessible information hub

Employee engagement helps governments succeed. Keep your people engaged and make it easy for them to find the latest announcements, videos, and more – whether they’re in the office, at home, or on the go.

Provide a secure way to manage visitors

Give your employees and guests the ability to pre-register for access to your federal, state, or local government buildings or departments, and then check-in quickly on arrival. So you can keep everyone safe, while adhering to capacity planning regulations.
Visitor Management For Facilities

Broadcast critical information across your workplace

Build a sense of community with your employees and citizens with digital signage for governments. Share the latest announcements, initiatives, and workplace guidance on signs in your lobbies, team or public areas, hallways, and meeting spaces.

Meet the highest security requirements

Appspace provides the secure, fast, compliant platform that government agencies rely on. Our Beezy-powered intranet can be deployed in the highly secure environments required by U.S. federal agencies and contractors who need to adhere to the most stringent cybersecurity and compliance regulations.

Government organizations trust Appspace

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