Beta FAQs

About beta software

What is Appspace beta software?

When we release a beta it is an opportunity to let users try out our software before upgrade our existing service and release a on-premises version of the software. The feedback you provide on quality and usability helps us make our software even better. Please note that the public beta software may contain errors or inaccuracies.

How can I use a non-beta version of Appspace software?

It's understandable that the beta may not fit your immediate needs. In this scenario, we will manually create you an account running a version of Appspace that is being used by production deployments. If you feel this would a better option for you then please click here.

When does the Appspace beta access end?

Beta access to software does not have a specific duration, however it can range from 6 to 10 weeks. During this time we record your feedback in order to help us determine when to make software available to all cloud and on-premises customers.

Is there a beta software for on-premises deployments?

At this time, beta access is for cloud deployments only.

Can I use my existing cloud account with Appspace 7 beta?

If you are an existing customer and wish to use your existing email address to try our beta software you can request this by contacting us. This will not replace the experience you have with your existing account. Alternatively, you can sign up to the open beta service using a new email address. 


What support do I get during an Appspace beta?

Full documentation is provided via our Knowledge Center for the beta software. The Appspace support desks are unable to help resolve beta software related tickets.

How do I give feedback about Appspace beta software?

To provide feedback about beta software, please use this form.

Does the latest beta support Crestron devices?

To learn more about Appspace enabled devices from Crestron, click here.