Creative ways to promote workplace safety

10 Creative (and fun) ways to promote workplace safety

Workplace safety isn’t the most exciting topic to discuss with employees. It’s even more challenging to find innovative ways to reinforce the same message again and again. However, using fun ways to promote safety in the workplace can liven up these discussions and help reduce the risk of injuries. In working with our customers, we’ve found some really creative approaches from safety professionals who are in the trenches day-to-day.

1. Safety Scavenger Hunts
Set up a scavenger hunt with a workplace safety theme. Have teams of employees read clues and go around finding and collecting a variety of items, such as safety signs and equipment. The team with the most items or the team that finishes first earns a prize.

2. Self-Made Safety Videos
Give each team of employees a specific safety guideline or issue, such as fire safety. Ask them to record a video in which they demonstrate what to do in this situation and provide an explanation for their actions.

3. Interactive Safety Presentations
Improve workplace safety motivation by encouraging employees to participate in these discussions. Invite guest speakers to give presentations on workplace safety topics, and let employees know that they can ask questions or bring up concerns. Alternatively, you can ask employees to share real life stories of safety issues they have dealt with during a company presentation.

4. Workplace Safety Trivia with Prizes
Host a trivia game that has a workplace safety theme, such as questions about the proper use of equipment. Give prizes to employees who answer correctly.

5. Funny Photos of Workplace Safety Errors
Fun workplace safety ideas include posting humorous cartoons or photos about workplace safety issues. Hang these up in break rooms or common areas so that employees see them regularly. Giving workplace safety topics an amusing spin can help employees remember them better.

6. Act Out Safety Scenarios
Ask teams of employees to create skits where they act out safety problems with a focus on the proper ways to handle these issues. If you want to use humor, these skits can also include what not to do.

7. Icebreakers and Group Discussions
Instead of lecture-style presentations, go over workplace safety topics in group discussions. This gives employees a chance to participate and encourages them to pay more attention.

8. Live Demonstrations with Fun Materials
Use fun materials, such as modeling clay or Lego blocks to perform live demonstrations of workplace safety issues. You can also pass these materials out and have groups of employees create their own demonstrations of a specific issue.

9. Creative Writing
Have employees create a short story involving workplace safety. Post these stories on a wall in a common area or ask each employee to read theirs out loud during a presentation.

10. Talent Contest
Let employees put their creative skills to use with a talent contest on workplace safety. For example, employees can write a song or poem about workplace safety or make a diorama or other work of art showing a safety issue. Give prizes to the top three employees.

Maintaining a safe workplace is essential for your employees and the overall success of your company. Using creative workplace safety ideas can help ensure that employees stay safe on the job, which can boost their productivity and morale.

Many companies use attention-grabbing digital signage in high-traffic areas to promote workplace safety. Because it’s a visual channel, it is highly effective at engaging workers. It’s a natural platform for sharing some of these creative approaches. Posting safety quizzes, employee-produced videos or pictures of safety don’ts are just a few ways to raise awareness of safety. This can provide any business with a fun way to endorse important safety messages in creative ways that will resonate with their workers.

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