API Enhancement Features in Upcoming Update

This weekend, on September 8th, we bring you our newest platform release that focuses on updating the Event Calendar widget API and optimizing the user directory, including inherited user permissions.

Event Calendar Widget API update

With the recent discontinuation of the Microsoft Exchange 2007 API service, our Event Calendar widget that integrates with the Office 365 external data source would cease to retrieve data. Therefore, our engineers have updated the service to work with Exchange 2016/Office 365. This optimization will ensure the widget added to an advanced channel works seamlessly.

User Directory Optimizations

Our engineers have resolved intermittent bugs with the user directory, such as users in subnetworks inheriting incorrect permissions for their channels, and usernames being listed as user groups.

Find these enhancements and more in our Appspace 7.0-ac.17 Release Notes on the Knowledge Center.

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