App Optimizations for Cards & BrightSign Devices

On Saturday, July 7th, we will release an update to the Appspace App.

Simplified deployment

For BrightSign players, IT administrators will be able to perform automated device registration using DHCP Option 43. By hosting a policy file within the DHCP server, any BrightSign device that is configured with DHCP Option 43 will automatically look at the Recovery URL that has been defined and retrieve the policy file for registration, ideal for bulk registration of devices across a corporate network.

Card duration improvement

Content creators making cards will be able to define the natural duration of a card so it can have a specific duration value when added to a playlist. As with videos, cards will play for the entire length of their defined duration unless overridden by playlist settings.

As with all releases, we’ve bundled in some bug fixes and improvements, more information can be found here.


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