Appspace Breaks Ground in the Middle East with Launch of Private Cloud Solution

Middle East organizations can access the full suite of the Appspace workplace experience platform, with data hosted in Saudi Arabia

Dallas, TX – January 26, 2024 – Appspace, the only unified workplace experience platform, today launched its private cloud solution hosted in Saudi Arabia. The launch means Appspace is the only company to offer workplace communications and workplace management that allows organizations in that region to host their data in Saudi Arabia.

Historically, organizations in the Middle East have been constrained by compliance guidelines, limiting their access to the full spectrum of workplace communication and workplace management tools. Appspace Private Cloud in Saudi Arabia opens a wave of possibilities by providing organizations with unparalleled access to the complete platform while ensuring data residency compliance within the region.

The private cloud offering encompasses the entire Appspace workplace experience platform, including space reservation, visitor management, employee app, digital signage, and more. This groundbreaking solution allows organizations to harness the power of the platform and enhance employee engagement – all while having the assurance that their data is securely hosted in Saudi Arabia.

Saudi Arabia led the Fortune 500 Arabia list with the highest number of companies, accounting for 153 out of the 500 companies, or 30%.

The Saudi Arabian Ministry of Communications and Information Technology issued policies and regulations under KSA Cloud First Policy in 2019 as part of Saudi Arabia’s 2030 Vision. This policy is aimed at improving the efficiency and cybersecurity structure of operations. As a result, many Saudi-based businesses have started adopting the cloud to enhance operations, cost savings, and bring about digital transformation.

“Organizations around the world understand the value of keeping employees informed and engaged wherever they may be working,” says Nidal Nasri, Appspace Director of Business Development, Middle East. “Our private cloud solution addresses the unique business needs of the Middle East, enabling organizations to fully benefit from Appspace’s workplace experience platform without compromising on compliance.”

Key features of the Appspace Private Cloud solution include:

  • Full Platform Access: Organizations can leverage space reservation, visitor management, digital signage, an employee app, and more seamlessly within the private cloud environment.
  • Data Residency Compliance: The hosted data in Saudi Arabia ensures adherence to regional guidelines and compliance standards.
  • Secure Licensing Model: The single-tenant cloud environment guarantees the same level of security as on-premise solutions.

Appspace stands out as the first workplace communications and management platform to offer a private cloud solution tailored to meet the specific compliance requirements of the Middle East region.

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