Appspace and Logitech Digital Signage

Appspace + Logitech: Making digital signage easier than ever

Since we welcomed Logitech as a partner in the Appspace Built-in program, we’ve been working together on integrations that make it easy for businesses to run the Appspace platform on Logitech devices. Now, we’re expanding our partnership with new solutions to help unify the digital and physical workplace. We’re thrilled to announce that Logitech’s latest CollabOS updates now support Appspace on RoomMate and Tap Scheduler. So it’s easier than ever for businesses to broadcast information across their physical workplaces.

Appspace Digital Signage will be available to Logitech customers using Logitech RoomMate or Tap Scheduler with an Appspace subscription, with easy connection to and management of Appspace channels.

With a quick start, simple management, and lots of other benefits, this integration is a game-changer for HR, corporate communications, marketing teams, and more.

The benefits include:

  • Quick Start: Turn on Appspace Digital Signage on your RoomMate device in just a couple of clicks, and deploy at scale.
  • Added value: Get more from your Logitech solutions by using Appspace to display messaging between video meetings, lobbies, hallways, etc.
  • ​Increased adoption: Display instruction and engaging content that invites employees to use your devices.
  • Centralized management: Manage your devices and digital signage from one centralized location.
  • Improved employee communication: Publish critical safety and policy messaging for on-site employees.
  • More than digital signage: Upgrade your Appspace plan to unlock features like Space Reservation, advanced templates, and the Employee App.

Did you know that we also partner with Logitech on space scheduling? Logitech Tap Scheduler provides an easy-to-use interface for meeting space scheduling. Users can select Appspace as the service provider and publish the room scheduling card or other content to Tap Scheduler. This integration makes it easy to use Appspace to manage rooms and tools like Microsoft Teams or Google Meet to reserve physical office resources.

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