Calling all on-premises administrators, an updated Appspace installer is now available.


In summary, we’ve made some significant enhancements to the environment checks the installer makes before performing an installation or upgrade. In particular, there are three key improvements to be aware of:

Conducting SQL script checks before installing. This is a check before the start of the installation process to determine what the SQL script version is. The installer will determine what updates need to be made so necessary updates aren’t skipped or overridden, causing errors. 

Abort the installation process upon detection of script errors. If an incorrect script version is detected (often due to a previous installer update), the installer will abort and inform the system administrator of the next steps. When an error occurs, the system administrator will be able to review logs for operating system or database environment errors.

Add the database update script version after it has been executed successfully. In the previous installer, the database update script versioning was added before the script was updated successfully. This means there can be tasks that did not execute, and the order of script updates no longer follow the correct sequence. By adding the version after a successful script execution, data and script corruption issues are minimized.


Please open a ticket in Appspace (Menu > System > Support) and a representative will contact you to help you download the installer.

As always, the full release notes can be found on our Knowledge Center, just click here.