5 Reasons to use digital signage in manufacturing

Today’s manufacturers are facing an exodus of skilled workers, increased global competition and consolidation, greater regulation and the need to adapt to ever-changing technology and work models. Managing a workforce while juggling these challenges is daunting. In any environment where change is constant, communication is critical to keeping everyone informed and engaged. Yet companies struggle with finding the right mix of communication tools to reach their workers.

It’s no wonder that people are confused given the choice of intranets, text, email, social media channels, collaboration tools, digital signage, mobile apps, etc. Most companies employ multiple tools. However, for some companies, not all employees have access to all the same tools. For instance, plant workers on production lines do not have access to computers and are typically prohibited from using smartphones during their shifts. To keep these types of employees engaged and involved, many companies are turning to digital signage in manufacturing environments top reach their workers. This choice has become so popular because digital signage offers a great way to communicate visually while workers are on break in cafeterias and common areas.

Here are 5 ways that digital signage in manufacturing can help address communication challenges.

Improve productivity.

Keeping workers safe, healthy, and informed translates into greater productivity. Use your electronic message boards to:

  • Improve safety awareness with content that reinforces PPE, safe lifting, fall protection, machine guarding, off-the-job safety, and more.
  • Promote health & wellness by posting helpful tips on fitness, smart food choices, stress reduction, etc.
  • Post KPIs with colorful, easy-to-read charts and graphs that update automatically keeping workers informed on your progress.

Keep up with new regulations.

With increased regulations, such as HAZMAT or silica standards from OSHA, employers need to continually reinforce new standards. A digital signage platform makes it easy to educate and promote the concept.

  • Outline the basics of the new regulation in an animated PowerPoint that includes Q&A.
  • Post short video clips demonstrating new procedures.
  • Post pictures of employees “caught in the act” of demonstrating new procedures.

Communicate change.

Whether companies are merging, consolidating, acquiring or introducing new technology, workplace digital signage can help communicate the plan and its benefits.

  • Deliver the news via CEO town hall explaining the changes and how they tie to company goals.
  • Stream live video across your digital signage network for all employees to see.
  • Make introductions. If you’re acquiring companies or adding partners or locations, use your digital signage to introduce new people, places and products, creating a sense of inclusion and pride.

Attract and retain workers.

As older workers retire, companies are having to adopt new approaches to attract and keep top talent. Younger workers value culture, transparency, and recognition. Digital bulletin boards are an effective way to:

  • Celebrate company culture by showcasing what makes you unique. Whether it’s community projects, health & fitness or company events, post pictures and videos of your employees in action.
  • Recognize employees or teams for high performance, special projects or new certifications.
  • Acknowledge winners of and in-house initiatives for safety, health & wellness, customer service, etc.
  • Get their feedback. Announce and promote employee surveys on your screens and then post the results.

Reinforce Training.

Classroom training is rapidly being replaced by virtual, on-demand “micro-learning” alternatives. Take advantage of workplace digital signage to reinforce key concepts.

  • Highlight quick tips and quizzes on screens throughout the facility.
  • Post short video clips reviewing procedures.
  • Recognize employees for achieving certifications or distinctions.

How to Start using digital signage in Manufacturing

By incorporating digital signage in manufacturing, you’ll be sure to reach everyone whether they are on the lines, in the warehouse, or in the office. To get started, learn more about Appspace Digital Signage.

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