Looking to modernize your company bulletin boards?

If your company is like every other one in the world, you use (or used) bulletin boards to communicate with your employees. Employees know that’s the go-to place to find updates about what’s happening with the company. If you’re still using them, you’ve probably given some thought to getting an updated solution; something digital like a TV screen or “electronic bulletin board.” If so, you’re likely thinking it would a lot be easier to post memos, spreadsheets, KPIs and HR info to a screen than to print them out and tack on a board.

But what if there was an electronic bulletin board that magically had new content appear on it each day, communicating important issues to your employees, like safety, quality, lockout/tagout, production issues and health & wellness updates? And what if you could add your own content (memos, PowerPoints, etc.) from your laptop in less than 60 seconds and have it appear almost instantly on the screen down the hall, or hundreds of screens at your facilities around the world? Well, that’s what we make and there’s nothing magic about it. Instead, it’s the result of 15 years of digital signage research and development and building software and signage exclusively for workplace communications. Today we have thousands of customers using it at over 15,000 locations around the world.

Modernize Your Company Bulletin Boards with Appspace

We own this category. We’ve earned that customer by customer, patent by patent and tradeshow by tradeshow. So, if you’re looking to modernize your workplace signage, check us out first to see how millions of employees around the world get their company news every day.

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