Modernizing Campus Communications

Colleges and universities, like most businesses around the world, are being forced to modernize and update the way they communicate with students, staff, and faculty. We’re witnessing a significant shift in how colleges are administering courses alone, which is changing the dynamic of the on-campus atmosphere. 

Here are some quick stats from College Data on how classes were administered in the 2020-2021 school year:

  • 56% of classes are on-campus, but remote (students are on-campus but can participate in various locations, online)
  • 28% are hybrid (in-person, online)
  • 8% are fully on campus
  • 8% are fully online

With this unique blend of learning and teaching, the amount of time a student or faculty member spends on campus has changed. People are on the go and the college experience has taken a new turn. While some parts are starting to go back to “normal,” certain things like hybrid classes or more online offerings have become popular. 

Like hybrid workplaces, college campuses that offer a variety of course offerings will have more working parts and demands to stay connected to their students and faculty, whether they’re on campus or on the go. Relying on on-campus-only communications is no longer suitable. So how can colleges and universities make sure they’re reaching everybody, no matter their location?

Enter, Appspace. We talk a lot about how to use Appspace in a business setting, but it can easily be used at a college campus, too. How? Let’s take a look at how the platform can help meet some of these communication needs below. 


Share major news on your digital signage boards across your campus easily with the News Card from the content library. All news is pulled in from an RSS feed, keeping it current and up-to-date easily. 

Emergency Notifications

When an emergency arises, getting messages out quickly is vital. Our alerts card is the perfect solution to help spread important information quickly to your campus. When you publish to the platform, it can push to personal devices and email, making it possible to reach the people on the go. 

Social Media

There’s no better way to connect with your student body than social media. Even though it is popular, not everyone is online. Maximize your social media efforts and publish your recent activity on Instagram, Facebook or Twitter, to your digital signage in just a few clicks. 

Room bookings

Reserving spaces and workstations are now a must instead of a nice-to-have feature. Students and staff can use space reservation in the Appspace platform to book resources or spaces to complete projects or work privately. This lets those booking the space make choices based on their needs and gives staff insight into what resources are popular on-campus. 

Campus Maps

Make it easy for anyone on campus to find their destination quickly and easily with campus maps. Not only can you display these on digital signs or kiosks, but via the Appspace platform, you can view them on mobile devices, too. 


Don’t wonder if you’ve sent out announcements to the right place when using the Appspace platform. In just a few clicks, you can push it out on digital signage, the app, integrated enterprise messaging applications, and email. No medium will go unturned, increasing the likelihood that everyone got the information they needed. 

There are plenty of other possibilities when it comes to using the Appspace platform on your college campus. The flexibility allows you to create a unique experience that best suits your needs. Everyone should love where they go to school – and Appspace can help you create the best experience possible for your campus. Want to talk more about how to use Appspace on your campus? Contact our team, today. 

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