Royal Technologies Experience with Appspace

French Williams, IT Director for Royal Technologies, knows what it’s like to replace a digital signage deployment. When his organization turned to Appspace, and Google’s Chrome devices, he had some specific criteria for providing better communication to their 1,200-strong team.

Hi French, tell us: What was your primary goal before purchasing Appspace?

We needed to find a flexible digital signage solution that would scale well and support Google Chrome devices. As you know, our previous digital signage solution was not stable and, while they had supported Google Chrome devices for a while, they decided to stop officially supporting them without communicating a reason why. As a heavy user of Chrome devices, dropping support for this platform was a real problem for our organization. Thankfully, combining Appspace with ASUS Chromebits gave us everything we needed: reliability, scale, and simplicity.

In just a few weeks, we had updated digital signs companywide. Digital signs on the factory floors now display the latest production data. This data automatically refreshes every 15 seconds and shows our weekly goals for machine uptime. By posting this goal-driven information, we have improved uptime from five to 10 percent across our factory floors.

So, what made Appspace stand out against other solutions?

It was a combination of capabilities and price. We have several use-cases involving interactivity, plus our teams were used to critical information being displayed in particular ways. We needed to maintain that for maximum productivity levels. The flexibility of Appspace to handle our current needs, plus the capabilities and scalability of the entire platform, really stood out compared to the competition.



How has Royal Technologies benefited from using Appspace?

Combining Appspace with the superior device management capabilities of Google’s Chrome devices provided us with exactly what we had envisioned years ago: A stable and flexible digital signage platform that is easy to manage and expand. And we definitely plan to keep growing. Appspace will continue to display key business metrics throughout our organization, as well as keep our teams informed of news and opportunities happening within the company, and to communicate the story of our business in our reception areas.

That’s excellent news, we’re glad to have helped you get to where you wanted to be. Thanks for speaking with us.

You’re welcome, anytime.


About Royal Technologies

Royal Technologies Corporation is an engineering and manufacturing company that designs, develops, manufactures, and assembles plastic products for automotive, furniture, and consumer products around the world. The company was founded in 1987 and is headquartered in Hudsonville, Michigan with facilities in Hudsonville, Michigan; Cullman, Alabama; and Mission, Texas.

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