Building Access

Features and Description

Gaining control of your building access helps maintain a safe workplace experience and enforce workplace policies.

Through the Employee App, remote or hybrid employees can reserve access to a specific building for a period of time. Similar to room booking, an employee is able to view available buildings and easily make a reservation from their phone or home desktop. If the employee doesn’t visit that particular office often, they can easily check-in via a QR code when they arrive and use wayfinding capabilities to get them to their reserved space.

Building Pass functionality and reporting helps facility administrators manage and maintain capacity rules and workplace safety policies. Easily set customize access rules by building, campus, or geographic region.

Features for Employees

  • Find buildings
  • Create day/week/month building passes
  • View building restrictions
  • View occupancy limits
  • View available workspaces

Features for Admin

  • Location & maps management tool
  • Building restriction & occupancy controls
  • Analytics