Features and Description

The Transportation feed is available when you add Industry Feeds to your account. Click on the “Contact Sales” button above to find out more. The Transportation  feed automatically streams 4 videos every day to your targeted screens and devices.

  • Reinforces required OH&S annual training topics
  • Covers key DOT and FMCSA standards
  • Supports ISO 45001:2018 communication and awareness requirements
  • Promotes balanced Total Worker Approach
  • Follows National Safety Council Observances Calendar
  • Uses straightforward language and eye-catching animations to drive messages home
  • Available in English or English and Spanish


Topics Covered

Backovers | Braking | CSA Basics | Distracted Driving | Dock Safety | Forklift Safety | Hazardous Conditions | Heavy Machinery | Load Limits | Load Securement | Road Hazards | Route Planning | Post-Trip Inspection | Pre-Trip Inspection | Rollovers | Safe Backing | Tailgating | Tire Safety | Walking-Working Surfaces | Work Zone Awareness


When paired with the OH&S Channel, the Transportation feed is part of your foundational safety communication program.




Content Category

Communication Breakdown

Culture & Values
Safety & Compliance

Sample Content

Topic of the Month - Training Reinforcement

Topic of the Month - Training Reinforcement launches a series of four weekly messages with a focus on best practices, compliance and task performance.

Topic of the Month - Common Mistakes

Topic of the Month - Common Mistakes bolsters safe and compliant behavior by highlighting most common mistakes and reinforcing best practices.

Topic of the Month - Hazard Spotlight

Topic of the Month - Hazard Spotlight focuses on the dangers associated with the topic, and promotes hazard awareness and safe behavior.

Topic of the Month - Quiz

Topic of the Month - Quiz concludes the monthly series with a quiz to test knowledge and promote retention.

Bi-weekly Federal Standards Reinforcement

Bi-weekly Federal Standards Reinforcement uses plain language to explain the key points of most common DOT, FMCSA and OSHA standards.

Medical Fitness

Medical Fitness encourages maintaining appropriate medical qualifications for safe driving.

Bi-weekly Driver Basics

Bi-weekly Driver Basics refreshes, reinforces and tests critical knowledge of basic driving skills.

Beyond the Wheel

Beyond the Wheel highlights the safe behaviors and good planning that contribute to safe driving.

Vehicle Maintenance

Vehicle Maintenance reminds audiences to perform regular maintentance tasks and ensure on-the-road fitness of the fleet.

Safety 24/7

Safety 24/7 reminds audiences that safe behavior doesn't stop at the door, and promotes safety both on and off the job.

HR Compliance Message

HR Compliance Message presents difficult and complex topics in a positive, accessible way to help HR promote compliance and awareness.

Awareness Campaigns

Awareness Campaigns align with national calendars to raise awareness of health, wellness and safety issues.