Leaderboard Light

Features and Description

Use an animated Leaderboard, complete with pictures and data, to boost motivation, increase competition, and promote transparency in the workplace. The Leaderboard chart displays multiple progress bars, representing a ranked list of items to determine the best in the series.

  • Display multiple horizontal bars to represent data that is ranked (bars can be rounded)
  • Include up to 8 items in the data series
  • Add a title, footnote, and logo
  • Select the color of each bar in the Bar chart
  • Utilize numeric abbreviations (1K, 2M, 3B)
  • Add animation
  • Change colors, text, icon, and images to match your brand standards
  • Fully responsive, works on mobile devices, tablets, desktops, and digital signage
  • Works with all devices running the Appspace App


Template Type


Content Category

This template comes pre-installed in every Appspace account.