Support Definitions



For Free users

Cloud infrastructure managed by Appspace

Latest software releases

Access to online documentation

Access to video tutorials


For Express users

All the benefits of Basic, plus:

Online chat & ticket support

12hr response time

Two ticket administrators

Three incidents /mo.*

Support from Monday-Friday, 8am-6pm**


For Omni-C and D users

All the benefits of Advanced, plus:

Phone support

4hr response time for cloud issues

8hr response time for on-prem issues

Five ticket administrators

Unlimited incidents /mo.*


For Omni-E and F users

All the benefits of Premium, plus:

Named Customer Success Manager

2hr response time for cloud issues

4hr response time for on-prem issues

Twenty ticket administrators

Unlimited incidents /mo*

Support from Sunday-Saturday, 8am-6pm**

*Reported software bugs and cloud outages do not count towards your monthly incident quota.
**Support hours reflect nearest Appspace regional support center to the primary location of the account.
For full terms of the Service Level Agreement, click here
Other services may be available for a fee through a partner or Appspace Professional Services

Service Definitions

Network assessment

Upon customer completing a network questionnaire, an Appspace Engineer uses an Environment Check Tool to assess the network, find incorrect settings and work with customer to rectify. Estimate: 8 hours.


On-premises software installation

An Appspace engineer uses remote desktop tools to supervise, help or perform the installation of Appspace on-premises software on a customer’s server. Pre-requisite requires a successful Network Consult. Estimate: 8 hours.


Device task templates and configuration

An Appspace engineer uses a pre-built template or creates a new one to configure a device task. Customer is responsible for applying task templates to specific devices. Estimate: 120mins/template.


Alert templates and configuration

Appspace Professional Services will work with customer to tailor an existing alert template. Estimate: 60 mins/template.


Custom channel design

Appspace Professional Services will work with customer to design, and build a custom channel using the visual editor toolset, as defined in the Standard Statement of Work. Estimate: 40 hours.