Appspace + Microsoft Places

A powerful combination to power your hybrid workplace experience
Microsoft Places is gearing up for launch, and Appspace will fully integrate with it. But there’s no need to wait. By getting started with Appspace now, you’re not just getting a comprehensive solution for space reservation and workplace management — you’re also preparing for a smooth transition to our upcoming collaboration with Microsoft Places.
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We’re a proud launch partner for Microsoft Places.

Coming soon, Microsoft Places will be a connected workplace platform that will feature tools to help organizations manage hybrid workspaces. The platform aims to provide solutions to modernize physical offices, coordinate workspaces, and optimize the workplace.

How Appspace works with the Microsoft Places app

Appspace extends Microsoft’s capabilities, adding essential space reservation, visitor management, wayfinding, and workplace management tools. So you can better manage and optimize your hybrid workplace – all within your Microsoft workflow.
Here’s what that means in terms of added functionality:

Workplace visitor management - Easily add visitors to meetings and building invites and track it all through Appspace.

Smart room booking - Simplify meeting room booking. Appspace and Places will find the perfect space based on your needs and automatically generate a Teams invite.

Hot desking - Find where your colleagues are sitting so you can choose and book the best workspace or neighborhood for maximum productivity.

Hybrid calendar - Synchronize Appspace, Outlook, and Teams to optimize your in-office schedule. See when colleagues are planning to be in the office and use Appspace Colleague Connect to help plan your visit.

Wayfinding - Navigate your office or campus with ease using an Appspace wayfinding kiosk. Or follow a map on the Appspace app to find points of interest.

Workplace insights & analytics - Combine data from Appspace and Places to provide insights into space usage and make workplace management decisions.

We’re just getting started. Look forward to more announcements as we develop new ways to integrate Appspace and Microsoft Places to connect the physical and digital workplace.

Get started today

Get started today

We’re just as excited about Microsoft Places as you are.

To get the most from Microsoft Places, start by laying the foundation with Appspace.

Here are the next steps:

Create and map your floor plans in Appspace

Connect your Appspace and Microsoft 365 accounts

Integrate resources from Microsoft 365

Install the Appspace Outlook Add-in and Teams app

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It’s all part of Appspace for Microsoft

In 2021 we announced Appspace for Microsoft, our comprehensive integration with the Microsoft suite of workplace software, including Outlook, Teams, SharePoint, PowerBI, and many more. And there’s more to come with Microsoft Places, Microsoft Teams Rooms, and Viva.
If you’re a Microsoft user, Appspace is the choice to extend the capabilities and create a complete workplace experience your teams will love.