Appspace for Cisco Webex

Discover the easiest way to reach your workforce - at work, at home, or on the go.

Appspace is the fastest and most secure way for executives, departments, and regional offices to share information with their teams. Designed to unify 100% of your organization, Appspace is the single voice that is on brand, on target, and on time. And it’s a natural extension of the Cisco Webex tools your team uses every day.


of enterprises feel they are under pressure navigating the new normal

Are you returning to the workplace? Managing a mobile workforce? We can help.


A set of publishing tools that plug into Cisco Webex
to extend your communications reach

Cisco Webex Teams

Reach every corner of the enterprise in one go by publishing business updates not just to workplace displays but also into existing Cisco Webex Teams spaces. Simple configuration means updates can now find their way to your entire team or to specific groups. 

Cisco Webex Meetings

With Appspace you have a ready-made video portal that is simple to use, searchable, and instantly mobile. Access recordings on computers, phones, the Cisco Webex Board, and Cisco Webex Desk Pro.

Cisco Webex Devices

Guide your teams and visitors on their return to the workplace. View the latest guidelines, business critical data, town halls, meeting space schedules, training content, and more. Tailor communications for conference rooms, huddle spaces, and in-home devices.


Measure what matters

Keep track of how published updates are performing to identify successful communications across regions, lines of business, and mobile workers. Use valuable insights to inform and adapt your current and future communications strategy. 


A platform that works with Cisco Webex
to enhance communications and culture


Standardize and save big with a single platform

The last thing IT needs is another application to vet, procure, and manage, especially in today’s challenging climate. Appspace leverages the existing investment made in the Cisco Webex platform and brings all your workplace technology initiatives together for increased reliability and security – all at a lower cost.


Amplify reach and promote a unified culture

Now more than ever, communicating with dispersed teams is critical. Bring your team together and align them with access to live updates, town hall recordings, business data, and more. Ensure brand consistency with pre-designed templates whether communications are scheduled or ad hoc.


It just works, keeping you connected at all times

Unlike other employee and workplace experience platforms that require extensive onboarding and cumbersome integrations, Appspace is a simple, secure, and scalable “plug-in” that enhances the functionality of existing applications and communication tools that your team is already familiar with.


Helpful tools, brochures, and more


You've got questions. We've got answers.

Appspace is for everybody. Appspace is for companies looking to extend the reach of their communications initiatives. For companies wanting a simpler way to author and share content. And for companies looking for a better way to organize and publish their content.

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You can use Appspace through a web browser on phones, computers, and tablets, as well as natively on TVs and Cisco Webex Collaboration Endpoints. Appspace also posts into channels inside Cisco Webex Teams.

Yes. Although some features may run behind what you experience on the Appspace Cloud. Contact us for more info.

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