Appspace and Crestron

Together, Appspace and Crestron provide a best-in-class software platform and hardware that enhances room scheduling, collaboration displays, hot desking solutions, and more.

How it works

Appspace and Crestron extend employee communication and productivity to every collaboration space. Reserve spaces instantly and view digital signage content when the display is being used for video calls or presentations. Hot desking solutions, collaboration displays, and room scheduling can help organizations drive awareness, engagement, and productivity in the workplace.
Room Scheduling Crestron Partner.

Simplify room scheduling

Get meetings started faster by seeing which meeting spaces are available – and instantly book them from outside the room. Publish the room scheduling card using Appspace cloud-based tools and view it in the native Appspace App running on the Crestron TSS.
Conference Rooms Crestron Partner

Make the most of conference Rooms

Showcase company updates in conference rooms when they’re not in use. Publish content using Appspace cloud-based tools and view in the native Appspace App running on the Crestron Mercury or Crestron AirMedia wireless presentation gateways.
Digital Signage Crestron Partner.

Display communications on Digital Signage

Keep teams informed and engaged by sharing the latest announcements, reports, social activities, and more on screens in the workplace. Publish content using Appspace cloud-based tools and view it in the native Appspace App running on Crestron’s Air Media.
Huddle Spaces Crestron Partner.

Bring huddle spaces to life

Use collaboration displays to showcase company updates in open spaces when they’re not in use for presentations. Publish content using Appspace cloud-based tools and viewing it in the native Appspace App running on the Crestron AirMedia.

Hot Desking

Employees can effortlessly reserve a desk from within the Appspace app, then check into the desk with a quick QR code scan via their phones or tap on the touchscreen display, eliminating the need for multiple steps in the booking process. This is a huge timesaver and brings a user-friendly, consumer-like experience to desk reservations, delivering a positive workplace experience for employees on their in-office workdays.

Why Appspace and Crestron?

Secure and reliable

Crestron devices are Appspace Built-In devices, meeting buyer security and performance expectations out of the box.

Easy to activate

Turn on Appspace digital signage on one or many Crestron devices with a few clicks in the Crestron XiO Cloud device management software.

Standardize globally

Implement one solution across all physical and remote locations, giving employees a consistent experience.

Fast and familiar procurement

We kept it simple, so you can purchase both Appspace and Crestron through your trusted resellers, just like you do today.

RTO compliance

As employees return to the office, ensure critical information reaches meeting spaces as part of your comprehensive plan.

Devoted support

Appspace and Crestron customer-focused teams work together to provide expert support for regional and global rollouts.

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