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Appspace and Elo make it easy for you to create an interactive & digital work experience that employees love. No matter where your people are or how they work, Appspace and Elo can help them stay connected, engaged, and productive.

How it works

Appspace runs on Elo’s enterprise-grade devices to create a workplace experience focused on making the most of your physical spaces, enhancing employee well-being and safety, and boosting productivity. With Appspace and Elo, organizations can:

Reach team members from anywhere, anytime

The Appspace platform ensures that communications – from critical alerts to birthday greetings – always reach the right person.

Easily reserve spaces

Start meetings off right. With just a few taps, book immediately or schedule a meeting for later on any touch-interactive booking panel or kiosk.

Collaborate with colleagues, navigate the workplace, and more

Make it easy to navigate the workplace with Appspace interactive wayfinding and maps presented on Elo’s interactive kiosks. Connect with colleagues via the interactive directory. And fine-tune space layouts with data collected from check-ins and reservations.

Ensure the safety of employees and visitors

Manage office traffic. Schedule, plan, and track all office visitor activity from a simple tool. Automate visitor registration and notifications to hosts with a well-placed Elo display in reception areas to reduce front-desk workload. Remove the bottlenecks in your building entrances with a self-service Elo interactive display that speeds up the check-in process for guests and visitors. There’s also an option to scan a QR code for mobile check-in.

Put people in control with Interactive wayfinding

Help visitors confidently navigate your office independently with an Elo display. Wayfinding information on kiosks in the lobby or across your workplace will keep your guests on the right track.

Stay on brand with digital signage

Keep teams informed by sharing the latest announcements, reports, social activities, and more on crystal-clear displays placed throughout the workplace. It’s easy to publish content to Elo displays via the native Appspace app, using Appspace’s cloud-based tools.

Ensure that broadcasts and alerts are seen

Send alerts and other messaging across multiple channels at once, including digital signage, mobile, and more.

Why Appspace + Elo?

Secure and reliable

Elo devices are designed to meet buyer security and performance expectations and can be managed remotely to minimize downtime.

Boost efficiency

Your team can streamline planning and communication inside the office. Whether it’s easily seeing what conference rooms are available, scheduling meeting rooms on the fly, or checking in for a meeting.

Standardize globally

Implement one solution across all physical offices and remote locations, giving employees a consistent, interactive experience.

Fast and familiar procurement

We keep it simple, so you can purchase Appspace and Elo through your trusted resellers, just like you do today.

Return to office (RTO) compliant

As employees return to the office, make sure critical information reaches meeting spaces as part of your comprehensive plan.

Exceptional support

Appspace and Elo’s customer-focused teams work tirelessly to provide expert support for regional and global rollouts.

Supported Elo devices

As a Built-in partner

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