Appspace and Humly

Together, Appspace and Humly deliver a space reservation experience that’s sleek, stylish, and secure. 

How it works

Using Appspace on a Humly Room display makes room booking frictionless:

Book a room on the spot

Simply walk up to a Humly Room Display and connect to Appspace Space Reservation to book a room that’s currently available. A display indicating green means the room is immediately available for booking.

Humly book ahead appspace

Book a room ahead of time

With Appspace Space Reservation synched to a Humly Room Display, you can view upcoming meeting schedules so you can plan accordingly.

Hot desking integration

The integration between Humly’s hardware and Appspace’s software has been extended to the introduction of a hot-desking feature.

Why Appspace and Humly?

With our room booking software and Humly’s Room Display used together, employees can enjoy:

Seamless experience

Having the ability to book a room from one central location gives you the ability to focus on the most important tasks.

Designed for scalability

IT teams can deploy and manage thousands of devices from a single location

Your data is always secure

Our security and compliance teams follow enterprise security standards by regularly running third-party penetration testing for known vulnerabilities.

Supported Humly Devices


Connect your people, places, and spaces

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Interested in trying it for yourself?

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