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Together, we’re on a mission to unify the digital and physical workplace. The collaboration between Appspace and Logitech marks the beginning of innovative business solutions for businesses to run the Appspace platform on Logitech devices.

How it works

Just tap to schedule and manage rooms

Logitech Tap Scheduler provides an easy-to-use interface for meeting space scheduling. Users can select Appspace as the service provider and publish the room scheduling card or other content to Tap Scheduler. This integration makes it easy to use Appspace to manage rooms and tools like Microsoft Teams or Google Meet to reserve physical office resources.

Making digital signage even easier

Broadcasting information across your physical workplace is even easier when you integrate Appspace with Tap Scheduler or Logitech RoomMate for digital signage. Tap Scheduler allows for easy viewing of important announcements, on-brand communications, and more. Appspace will work with RoomMate appliances to share the latest announcements in lobbies, hallways, and meeting spaces.

Why Appspace + Logitech?

Secure and reliable

Designed to meet customers’ security and performance expectations, Logitech devices are Appspace Built-In devices.

Easy to activate

Using Appspace with this collaboration device makes it easier to schedule and reserve physical office resources and use everyday tools like Microsoft Teams or Google Meet.

Standardize globally

Implement one solution across all physical and remote locations, giving employees a consistent experience.

Fast and familiar procurement

We kept it simple, so you can purchase both Appspace and Logitech through your trusted resellers, just like you do today.

Fantastic support

Appspace and Logitech customer-focused teams work together to provide expert support for regional and global rollouts.

Supported Logitech Devices

As a Built-in partner

Logitech will work with the Appspace team to certify additional devices as we continue to help our customers bridge the gaps between their physical and digital environments to create a workplace employees love

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