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Metrikus and Appspace believe creating seamless experiences for employees is critical to keep teams engaged, safe, and productive. Through employee communications, such as signage or employee apps, we are using real-time data to empower employees.

How it works

Appspace integrates sensor data from the Metrikus platform allowing organizations to keep their employees informed, safe, and productive. By using signage, we ensure organizations and their employees that indoor air quality is healthy for their teams. Automated systems suggest workspaces based on real-time readings that are comfortable and productive. Sensors automate space check-in and release so teams can focus on what matters rather than remembering to scan QR codes. If you’re interested in how real-time data can empower your employees, Appspace and Metrikus can help. Here’s how:

Easily reserve the most productive spaces

Start meetings off right. With just a few taps, book immediately or schedule a meeting for later on any touch-interactive booking panel or kiosk. It is as easy as going to your reserved space with automatic check-in and releasing your space when you are done.

Navigate the workplace and receive preference-based recommendations

Make it easy to navigate your building by seeing how busy certain areas are within your office, desks, and meeting spaces. Select a space based on preference-based noise, light, and temperature recommendations. Receive data collected from check-ins and reservations.

Ensure the safety of employees and visitors

Automatic alerts within conference rooms using digital signage alerting if CO2 exceeds a certain level simultaneously trigger historical analytics and trends of indoor air quality. Manage office traffic. Schedule, plan, and track all office visitor activity from a simple tool.

Ensure that broadcasts and alerts are seen

Send alerts and other messaging across multiple channels simultaneously, including digital signage, mobile, and more. 

Set up your space to maximize employee productivity

With space reservation analytics, look at how rooms and desks are being booked against how they are being used. Analyze booking behaviors to suggest the size of rooms and prevent one person from using a large meeting room.

Why Appspace + Metrikus

Improved health and safety

The real-time alerts through digital signage help employees to be aware of potential health risks and to take appropriate action when necessary, thus promoting a safe and healthy working environment

Increased productivity and improved collaboration

With better air quality, employees are less likely to experience discomfort, headaches, and fatigue, leading to increased productivity and overall well-being. It has been found that employee well-being at work increases worker productivity by a staggering 12%. With insight into occupancy levels, space planning can help employees to find available spaces and more easily collaborate with one another.

Informed decision-making

Employees can make informed decisions regarding the use of meeting rooms and other spaces based on the real-time IAQ data, ensuring they choose spaces that are suitable for their health and comfort

Improved overall work environment

Access to real-time IAQ data can promote a sense of responsibility among employees to maintain healthy indoor air, leading to a better overall work environment for everyone

Enhanced meeting room utilization

Employees can choose meeting rooms that are not fully occupied, avoiding overcrowding.

Reduced waiting time

Knowing the occupancy levels of rooms can help employees avoid waiting for a meeting room to become available, thus reducing downtime and increasing productivity

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