Appspace & Seenspire

An integrated solution to showcase posts from LinkedIn, Facebook, Webex Teams, and more.

Powerful Controls

All the tools to combine posts into engaging social media channels.

Publish Anywhere

Display on digital signs, kiosks, collaboration displays, and more.

Adaptive Design

HTML card with a choice of layouts that work in any orientation.

Built To Scale

Try for free and grow with a range of flexible subscriptions.

Connecting People, Spaces, and Technology

The way we work is changing, as are the places we work. Appspace and Seenspire are part of this shift in the workplace experience. Combining all the publishing tools you need on a single, unified platform with the controls for sharing social media channels in workplace.

Curate Posts from Anywhere

Pull in posts from profiles, pages, hashtags, and more to create channels. Moderate for language, profiles, and competitor content before publishing to your preferred devices.

Made for the Appspace App

The Social Card by Seenspire is purpose-built made for Appspace. ntegrating with Seenspire's social moderation platform it offers several layout options to show your social media content.

Industry Leading Companies Get Social

Just a few organizations that engage their team with Appspace and Seenspire.

Start Today for FREE

Create a free Appspace account with access to the Social Card by Seenspire and begin publishing to your workplace.